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"Actuarial Science at Amity University was a gateway to a wholesome experience. Apart from the academic excellence and passionate lecturers, it presented a plethora of opportunities - industry specific seminars, empowering human values quarter, inclusive clubs, vibrant arcade and cafeteria are just a few to mention. This journey ingrained values in me and pushed me to be more thoughtful about my own impact."

perm_identity Harinni Ghobinath / Corporate Actuarial Analyst P&C, Swiss Re, Bangalore / Batch 2015-18 – BSc Actuarial Science

ASIBAS played a significant role in reaffirming my intellectual and shaping my career. I was unafraid to be myself because my college mates saw fit to lift my voice when my confidence was but a whisper. I am grateful for the staff, and their ability to dare students to be true to themselves. They are there to help you celebrate success, make sense of despair, and rebound to greater heights. Always thankful!!

perm_identity Bhawna Khanna / Business Analyst, Deloitte, US / Batch 2014-16 - MSc Actuarial Science

My post-graduation (PGDIM) at ASIBAS not only helped me learn the core of Re/Insurance world including Underwriting, Claims but even the Insurance Statistics and Industry Terminologies. Dedicated teachers, productive schedules, case studies, mock interviews etc. were all the building blocks for me and my batchmates to secure campus placements and that too in coveted profiles. This strong foundation and confidence attained has helped me making a mark in my career journey transitioning from UW / Ops. roles to Strategy and Consulting Assignments. A process which started 12 years ago with this great institution is still continuing, as the learning curve of insurance and risk management never ends. Updates on new and interesting topics is enabled through networking groups, conferences, social media posts and newsletters which all are great initiatives by the faculty and leadership of ASIBAS. Best Wishes !

perm_identity Ankit Agarwal / Assistant Vice President, Strategic Initiatives / Swiss Re, Bangalore / Batch of 2007 PGDIM, ASIBAS

Throughout my 2 years of post-graduation at ASIAS.I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. These attributes were the key reasons because of which I was successfully placed at HCL Technologies Ltd. With a decent package. Big thanks to all my faculty members and friends for this amazing journey at ASIAS. My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the Career Advancing and enriching faculties for their support and encouragement, this would not be possible without them.

perm_identitySonia Khurana / Sr. Consultant at NIIT Technology / Batch 2004-2006 - MBA Insurance

When I first started at Amity University, I was unsure about my future and anxious about the different challenges I was heading forward to face. But in Amity University under the curriculum of ASIAS (Amity School of Insurance & Actuarial Sciences) gave me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally. It gave me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge, to learn and to grow gradually. The faculty members are helpful, open and supportive. The campus is beautiful and full of limitless opportunities. I will forever cherish the memories I made in ASIAS.

perm_identityAnurag Khurana / Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services / Batch 2006-2008 - MBA Insurance

In the beginning of the term, the knowledge that I had about the course and the college was based on the hearsay. Everyone knows what amity is when it comes to the perception of the people but ask an Amitian he will show you the real picture. Heavily Loaded Assignments and 75% Attendance is just a bit of it. Be prepared!
The first impression about the course changed with everyday starting from first week. Every day seemed to get more and more exciting as I interacted with the college professors and specially R.C.Bhatnagar Sir and O.P.Gupta Sir. This gave me time and platform to sharpen tools of learning and ideas. It made me more confident to face the upcoming challenges in my future endeavors. The experience of learning from everyone especially Professors like Prof. B.S.Bisht and Prof. Rajesh Verma at Amity will fetch me high exponential learning curve in future. Twenty years from now, it will not be the grade you gave me will matter, but it will be the lessons you taught through the textbooks, the discussions, and the experiences that will matter the most. There were constant events for all of us to participate in, and the amount of passion that goes into running these events is nothing short of inspiring. We met some of the outstanding speaker and entrepreneur in the tenure so i can expect the journey to be all the more exciting and fruitful from now on.
Special gratitude to Prof R.R.Grover who allowed us to initiate every time we wanted. Last 2 years was a learning experience for me and yet through my mistakes and achievements, you never denied me another opportunity to initiate change, initiate conversation, initiate an idea that could make a difference. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes, supporting my efforts, and celebrating those accomplishments. Although doctors heal, lawyers represent, contractors build, and bankers invest, all the teachers of ASIBAS Department helped me in igniting the flame to set ablaze my dreams.

perm_identityRajat Gulati / MBA- Insurance and Banking (2014-16)

ASIBAS has changed my life completely from being an introvert to an extrovert person. Faculties are highly experienced that they use their rich industry experience to make the students understand the topics from the scratch and they even support the students all the ways in extra circular activities like writing research papers, participating in debate, paper presentations, essay writing competitions held by other universities and by insurance industry. Last but not the least, other institutes students are confined to sit to a maximum of 10 times in recruiting process whereas we are allowed to sit till the time we get placed.

perm_identityPraveen Telu / MBA- Insurance and Banking (2014-16)

Two years in ASIBAS was like a trekking experience to me. The journey was interesting, unique and sometimes challanging. A trekking can be successful easily with a great team working together and so was my life of ASIBAS. With helping hands of faculties, friends and special effort of Prof. R.R.Grover, I could finally reach my destination. I thank all of them for their support.

perm_identityBishaldeep Adhikari / MBA-Insurance and Banking (2014-16)

College serves as a platform wherein one is able to bridge the gap between one's academic and professional career. I was no exception. At a position where I stand today, it gives me immense pleasure to express my heartiest gratitude to whole ASIBAS faculty and staff. I cannot express in these meagre lines how grateful I am for being a part of the family. For teachers at ASIBAS, teaching might have been a job. But for us, learning from ASIBAS professors was nothing less than a once in a lifetime experience as you all taught us not just by reading out textbooks, but by lighting up imaginations.
I'm grateful to have found mentors in Prof R.R Grover and Mr. Manish Srivastava who in every walk of my ASIBAS journey, motivated and helped me to come over my "reluctance" and be able to bring out the best in me,for valuing my opinion and incorporating my views in the article published in Financial express.
It's from Prof R.R Grorver that I learnt to prioritize knowledge over education as knowledge always increases by diffusion and grows by dispersion, thus making it the most valuable asset one can ever have.
With the thought of moving on in life as my professional career reaps,it instill feelings of anger and jealousy because my juniors are about to get a fabulous learning while we I am about to end my AIBAS journey.
All said and done,now today,I am creating a few new boards on my Pinterest in honour of ASIBAS faculty,especially Prof. R.R Grover. They will be Inspiration, Motivation, Knowledge and Wisdom – because that is what you have given us all.
With this,I wish the whole ASIBAS family a lot of success,hardwork and may the college achieve new heights each day, each hour, each second.

perm_identityShivam Tewari / MSc Actuarial Science (2014-16)

Whatever I have scaled up in my professional and personal life is totally attributed to ASIBAS and all faculties. Your foundation for ASIBAS has shaped up shinning career for many students like me and wishes you all the best for the continuation of the same in the coming years to come.
God Bless AMITY and ASIBAS.

perm_identity Vineet Nagpal / PGDIM (2001-02)

It makes me extremely happy to go through the article as it testifies the effort of ASIBAS in getting us placed. When I say placed I mean both, the summer internship as well as the final placements. IIMs are grappling even with their summer internship placements and engaging advisers in corporate relations & placements and paying out hefty amounts for a few days of consultation. While the faculty at ASIBAS has very ably got us placed well on time in well known private and public sector organizations during summer internship reckoning the fact that in times to come ASIBAS would go places. Considering the impressive figure of 82% of all eligible students at ASIBAS already placed with pretty decent salary, ASIBAS is going to set an example for all other amity institutions and make its presence felt by the time semester ends.
Now even though I may sound pompous, nothing stops me from believing and saying that ASIBAS is going to be the flag bearer of Amity University in near future for sure.

perm_identityFaraz Ahmad Khan / MBA Insurance & Banking (2011-13)

Acknowledgement of the assistance given by faculty to getting placed in IT Company.
I am a student who is placed at Newgen Software Technologies and one of the reasons behind my achievement is because of the helping hand given by Mr Kamal Gulati Sir. He had actually prepared a question bank for Business Analyst which had stated the important basic & advance concepts to clear off.
His teachings had given me confidence to answer the questions in the interview process. He had also told how to answer my interview questions as per the role I had to play.
Thank you to you sir for my achievement in getting campus placement through ASIBAS and at last once again thanks to Mr. Gulati Sir for your constant support.

perm_identity Benji Jacob James / MBA Insurance & Banking (2011-13)

I didn't feel the same happiness i have now when i got placed. Our department record of 82% placement this year is a great message to all B-Schools saying our department will be a great competitor in in a year or two for them.
I'm really blessed and proud to be part of my ASIBAS institute.

perm_identityRaghuram . P. B. / MBA Insurance & Banking (2011-13)

Every student needs a mentor to motivate him an polish him so that he can finally shine like a gem. I take immense pleasure to say that its was your efforts that made me shine and finally get a good placement. I thank you sir for the different opportunities you have given me, which had in turn benefited me in growing my confidence and knowledge. The lessons you have give me will always be there in my heart and I hope i can learn more lessons from you in the future. With an elegant smile and a bright sense of humor you had actually turned my dark unplaced days to joyful days. I have never seen a director who takes so much for each and every student which make you the Best Of the Best and differentiated person. May the Almighty Lord shower you with his abundant blessings and make each and every day of your life more special.

perm_identity Benji Jacob James / MBA Insurance & Banking (2011-13)

ASIBAS has shown an incredible response in the placements process this year.though the job market is not favourable still Asibas has shown a massive development in the placement process by placing almost 82% students,hardly a small no of 9 students are left for being placed.
This has been achieved by the joint efforts of the teachers and the students.we were guided right a way from the first year of our course however the major training started from July and we had activities like ex-tempo, news paper reading and even domain classes were arranged for us.
Therefore the wonderful response of ASIBAS in reference to placements is only because of the support provided by our faculty and placement coordinator.

perm_identityOindrila Sen / MBA Insurance & Banking (2011-13)

I on behalf of all the students who are placed would like to thank and congratulate all the professors and our director sir for :

1) Bringing all top insurances companies to our department plus giving us an opportunity to go for pool campus selection.

2) For having faith in us and organizing mock interviews , special placement class , talking to each student and taking their feedback, and keep boosting us to learn form our mistakes and keep moving forward.

3) It was the goodwill build after hardwork in so many years of our department that made compaines found their easy way towards our department and we would like to thankyou for making' ASIBAS' what it is today.

4) Personally for me Grover sir your '3' mock interviews with me were the turning point for my placement , my career and for my life.These word's won't be enough to thank you for being a change in my life , but still i thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking out your precious time for me.

5) As a batch and as a family, we have always tried to lift the name of our department and hopefully we have lived upto your expectations.

perm_identityViraj Gusain / MBA Insurance & Banking (2011-13)

I take this opportunity to express my heartiest gratitude towards Prof. Kamal Gulati for his constant support and guidance during my placement. Sir had provided me with study materials and an idea about the important topics which helped me prepare myself for the job interview of CSC. Thank you sir, for constant guidance and support.

perm_identityAvishek Chakrabarty / MBA Insurance & Banking (2011-13)