• Our Vision
  • Our Mission

The Centre aims to provide world-class education on Artificial Intelligence that transform individuals into intellectual, empathetic and responsible citizens. It further aspires to bring together knowledge institutes, industry, and governmental and societal partners to develop talent and technology in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

  • To provide top of the line infrastructure that is most conducive for learning.
  • To engage committed members of faculty who will infuse subject knowledge with latest teaching pedagogies.
  • To provide state-of-the-art facilities to the members of faculty and student fraternity to access and engage in diligent research.
  • To collaborate the best minds in the industries with the academia of the college thereby empowering the students to meet the global standards.
  • To create an enterprising environment for a continual progress and change that respects heterogeneity.

State-of-the Art Facilities

The newly established AI centre is equipped with the world's most powerful AI system, the NVIDIA DGX2 A100. This high-performance AI server features 16 NVIDIA A100 GPUs and 10 Petaflop computing power, making it the ideal tool for researchers working on machine learning, deep learning, and data science. With its advanced hardware and software stack, the NVIDIA DGX2 A100 provides unparalleled performance, speed, and precision, allowing researchers to accelerate AI workloads and unlock new opportunities. This powerful system provides a seamless and efficient environment for training, inference, and deployment, enabling researchers to achieve breakthrough results and gain valuable insights. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, our facility is at the forefront of AI research and poised to make significant contributions to the field.