Ph.D. Programmes

Last Date To Apply & Test Date
PhD July 2024 session is now open at Amity Noida. Amity Research Fellowship / stipend will be offered to all the meritorious and deserving! Apply Now

Important Points:

  • Date of Registration
  • The date of registration of the candidates shall be the date of actual registration on Amizone.

  • Residency Period
  • The minimum residency period for Full-Time candidates in the Department / Constituent unit shall ordinarily be three years.
    There is no residency period for Part-Time Ph.D. scholars, but they need to attend Ph.D. course work classes and other academic activities as per schedule.

  • Attendance Requirement 
  • The Ph.D. scholars (both Full-Time & Part-Time) are expected to have full attendance (i.e. 100%) in each course. However, a minimum of 75% attendance in each course shall be mandatory for becoming eligible to appear in the end semester examinations. 

    Further, for the promotion to the next semester, the Full-Time Ph.D. scholars are required to attain minimum 90% attendance out of the total working days in each semester, else their Semester Progress Report may be marked “Unsatisfactory”. 

  • Course Work 
  • All candidates admitted to Ph. D. programs have to compulsorily do the course work assigned and shall be required to take a written examination for the same. Coursework period will ordinarily be of minimum six months duration. A candidate will earn credits for a Course Unit only if he obtains a minimum of Grade B+ (Points 07 on scale of 10). If a candidate fails to get qualifying Grade B+, he / she will be given second opportunity to improve his/her qualifying Grade to B+, i.e. Point 7 on ten point scale failing which his/her registration is liable to be cancelled.
    Scholars shall be required to undertake coursework for a minimum period of one semester, not exceeding one academic year from the date of the provisional registration

    Tentative class timings during coursework period:

    Ph.D. Full time : All working days, 9.15 am-6.10 pm 

    Ph.D. Part time : Saturday-Sunday, 9.15 am-6.10 pm 

  • Comprehensive Examination 
  • Each candidate, on completion of course work, shall be required to take a comprehensive examination which will test his/her comprehension or knowledge in his/her broad field of research and his/her academic preparation and potentials to carry out the research work. The comprehensive examination shall be combination of both written and oral examinations and shall be conducted by the concerned institution. The candidate is required to secure at least Grade B+ (Points 07 on scale of 10) in comprehensive examination.

  • Minimum and Maximum Degree Duration 
  • Candidate will be given the time duration for submission of his / her Ph.D. thesis (from the date of registration) as per the details given below:


    Minimum Time Period

    Maximum Time Period

    Full Time scholars

    3 years

    6 years

    Part Time scholars

    3.5 years *

    6 years

    For any further clarification, please contact

    Amity Admission Office,
    Block – J2, Ground Floor,
    Amity University Campus
    Sector-125, Noida – 201313 (UP)