Student's Section

At Amity, you as a student will find the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused learning.

At Amity, teaching is highly practical and industry-focussed as it is evolved through constant interaction with leading professionals while our placement cell will help you find your dream placement. In an environment-friendly campus, you will be mentored by a distinguished faculty and meet brightest minds from across the country as your classmates.
You will be encouraged to participate not only in all indoor activities but also in events organised by other Institutions of national repute.

At an Amity campus, you will experience features of excellence in every aspect.

The vision behind this Student’s Section is to provide a single platform to the students to get all the information (mandatory & relevant). This section is regularly updated and you are advised to follow the section on a regular basis.

Students can also find access to the student portal “Amizone” by Clicking Here. Amizone can also be accessed through iPhone/iTouch, Blackberry, Nokia and Android devices. You can download suitable Amizone app from

Debate and Litro-Cultural Club

The debate, litro-cultural and knowledge sharing club aims to provide a platform to the students to hone their skills related to language, general knowledge, current affairs and literature. The unique nature of this club stems from its wide purview of activities. The club meets after the working hours/classes to constructively engage the students in the fully residential campus.

To encourage students and give voice to their opinions, regular debates are organized by the club on myriad socio-political and cultural issues. Such opportunities prepare students for public-speaking and boost their confidence to initiate conversation with diverse audience and official delegation. Students who have a penchant for creative writing and poetry writing showcase their talent and creativity in frequent sessions of poetry recitations. The club also seeks to promote the culture of reading books, inculcate reading habits in students and create a community of book-lovers by organizing sessions where students talk about books which have made a significant impact on them.

Environment Protection Club

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  - Margaret Mead, renowned US cultural anthropologist

Inspired by these lines, Environment Protection Club aims to create awareness about environment conservation, preservation, and restoration with an emphasis on educating and empowering students and youngsters. The club members are engaged in advocating and sensitizing people on protection of flora and fauna and the devastating effects of global warming across the world.

The club aims to instill a sense of responsibility in everyone and contribute towards environment conservation with the personal commitment to preserve it. The club activities educate and cultivate an appreciation towards the environment and natural resources to make a clean and green environment.

With consistent advance in technology and carbon emission, developing sustainable environment has become a major challenge for government and research agencies. The nature will soon be at the verge of collapse in the absence of concrete conservation plans and intent. Hence, it is vital to protect the environment - the most valuable asset for the mankind. The club is dedicated to sensitise local communities by fostering partnerships with community leaders, neighbors, like-minded people and supporters to create a cleaner, safe place to live and sustain it for the future generations.

Photography Club

Photography gives an expression to emotion, moods, situation and aesthetic sense. Sometimes pictures convey a message effectively compared to text or words. They say, “A picture is more valuable than a thousand of words” and the Photography Club firmly believes that picture is a powerful medium. For the inclusive and holistic development of students, Amity University, Rajasthan, established Photography Club.

The club focuses on the holistic development of students by giving them an opportunity to explore and observe their surroundings, nature, events from different angles and capture captivating moments. The club members capture expression, aesthetic feelings, senses and emotions of people and nature through pictures. The club organizes photowalk, training sessions, workshops, exhibitions, photo competitions on weekly and daily basis. The club members also explore different options for photography in collaboration with educational institutes, academic bodies and industry. The club members also participate in photo presentations, photograph strolls and interactive sessions with experts.

Sports Club

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them- a desire, a dream, and a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.” - Muhammad Ali, American Professional Boxer

The Sports Club in Amity University, Rajasthan, promotes fitness, well-being, health and importance of physical exercises to maintain healthy body and mind. The club encourages students to delve into sport and physical activities. The club aims to inculcate leadership skills and team building through sports activities.

The sports club aims to promote sports to strengthen bonds among people and lead a healthy life by regularly following intensive workout sessions.

The club organises an array of activities, including yoga, meditation, aerobic zumba, dance exercises, horse riding, golf, football, handball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, kabaddi, kho-kho, athletics tracks and fields, badminton, billiard and pool, table tennis, rifle/pistol shooting, chess, carom and so on. The club organises a yoga session on International Yoga Day. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities promotes sports and physical activities among students. The club has a golf team of 30 members (both boys and girls). With the availability of a practice green, the students practice chip and putt and have an opportunity to play at prestigious Rambhagh Golf Club occasionally. The members of Shooting Club practise at Pistol/Rifle10 meters computerized shooting range. Students have reached a bench mark by qualifying at national and international levels. The members of Martial Arts Club include four black belt holders. It has a team of 30 students, who regularly participate in state and national level contests.

Following is a list of members of Shooting Club who have brought laurels to the university -

S. No Name of Students Institution Sports Event Qualified in Category Year
1 Mr. Dhruvraj Singh Bhati ABS - BBA 3rd semester Shotgun Double Trap Shooting Senior & Junior 2018
2 Mr. Prathamesh Singh ABS - BBA 3rd semester 10 meters Rifle Shooting Senior & Junior 2018

Techinja (Cyber Club)

‘Techinja’ is the official Cyber Club of Amity University, Rajasthan. It is a platform to strengthen the cyber security skills of Amitians, incorporating Pentesting, Advanced Programming, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence developed over fundamental concepts of modern day Computer Science. The club members are encouraged to think, create and implement innovative ideas in the field of technology and cyber world. The students write codes, create innovative stuff and aware people about cyber security. All activities are organised under the supervision of designated faculty – (Prof.)Dr. D.D Shukhla, Dr. Swapnesh Taterh and Mr. Shaurya Gupta.

Performing Arts Club

The Performing Arts Club (PAC) aims to increase awareness about performing arts among students as well as to hone talent and skills of students and explore our rich cultural heritage.

Students delve into music, dance, and theatre activities organized by PAC. The club also provides a platform connect with like-minded people and budding artists through a wide range of activities. The club has a team of 187 students. The club has nine categories viz Anchoring, Dramatics, Script Writing, Singing (Vocal/Instrumental), Dances (Folk/Classical/Salsa/Contemporary/Hip-Hop /Fusion) and Fashion. Divided into nine groups, the club members take part in vibrant cultural activities supervised by Sanjiv Singh Bhal, Dr. Divya Prakash, Dr. Srimonto Majumdar and Dr. Parul Mishra. The students’ groups under Performing Arts Club are -

  • Amalgam represents Fusion and Classical Dance & Music
  • Bantaye represents Contemporary Dance & Music
  • Bhangra Nights  represents Punjabi Folk Dance & Music
  • Myth Busters represents Hip-Hop/Contemporary/Fusion Dance
  • Impulse represents Hip-Hop/ Contemporary Dance & Music
  • Rhythmic Souls represents Salsa
  • Finnesse represents Fashion Activities
  • Adakari represents Theatre/Plays/Street Plays
  • Drishti represents Theatre Activities

The club has organized Talent Hunt, Independence Day celebrations, ISTE Cultural, Teachers’ Day, cultural performances in GOAT Conference, Innovation Day celebrations, Musical Night, Kavi Sammelan, Gandhi Jayanti, Aagman and Children’s Day celebrations. The club members also perform in cultural events and contests organized in other academic institutes.

The Student Coordinators in Performing Arts club include Koohi Sharma, Pria Shearon, Mukul Aanand, Srishti Goyal, Gaurav Vyas and Aashish Tiwari.

Modeling Club

Established in 2017-18 under the aegis of Amity School of Fashion Technology (ASFT), the Modeling Club is an umbrella of students. The club consistently works towards enhancing fashion and design quotient through different aspects of marketing, advertising, product promotion activity and designing. It aims to provide knowledge to students about modeling, fashion photography, creative accessories, and aesthetic appeal while advertising a variety of products, including clothing, cosmetics, and utility items. The club members take part in fashion shows, photo shoots, shoot for magazine covers, newspaper and TV advertisement, ramp walks, branding and promotion of products, and sessions to develop professional qualities like interpersonal skills, organizational skills, listening skills, presentation, maintaining health and fitness, personal grooming etc. The club members have been participating in various in-house and intercollege/University competitions.

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