Principal’s Message

Taking the Amity mission and vision forward, we at AIS endeavour to create a caring and inclusive learning environment that encourages students to become active participants in the learning process. Through a relevant, challenging, vibrant and engaging curriculum, we nurture curiosity, encourage students to ask questions and co-create the road that leads to the answers, ensuring that they become lifelong learners with the skills and the ability to adapt successfully to the changing and evolving world.

Fulfilling the commitment of providing a holistic education, we nurture the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of our students through innovative and experiential learning activities. We create a safe and happy learning space built on trust, empathy, respect and sound relationships, where students have the courage to take risks in their learning process, think creatively and critically, apply their knowledge and develop independence.

To equip our students with a global perspective, we encourage them to be open minded to the views, cultures, values, traditions and heritage of others and to be proud of and respect their own. We encourage them to communicate effectively, act conscientiously and give back to the society, becoming responsible global citizens.

At AIS we aim to create a fulfilling balance of co-curricular exposures, skill development and academic rigour to ensure that our students become well rounded, confident and resilient young adults, ready to navigate through life as informed and discerning individuals.


Ms. Sangeeta Sekhon