The junior school has a well-designed curriculum that inspires its students to emerge as future global citizens and leaders. It also makes them engage in multifarious activities beyond academics throughout the year. These activities are an integrated part of the curriculum and substantiate classroom learning and in turn, enable holistic nurturing.

  • A plethora of special events like Art Competitions, Annual Days, Grandparent’s Days, Magic Shows, Class Presentations, etc. are organised regularly to help in moulding the children into multifaceted personalities.
  • Children learn about India’s rich heritage and culture by participating in special events organised on important and auspicious occasions such as Diwali, Dusshera, Christmas, Children’s Day, Republic Day and Independence Day.
  • Learning is made fun by including various games related to the curriculum in all pedagogic endeavours. These activities help develop the thinking ability of children and also help them emerge as lifelong learners.
  • Computers have been made an integral part of the curriculum at Amity Mohali. Children here enjoy and pick up basic computer skills through games while honing their skills using child friendly software.

The middle school curriculum embodies the modern educational approach that emphasises on the importance of active learning rather than on teaching. The focus of the curriculum is on equipping the students with essential skills and giving them confidence to use them effectively in real life situations.

The curriculum encourages interaction between teacher and students as well as that between students. It attains the same through collaborative learning, projects and practical exercises. It lays stress on acquiring knowledge beyond books. That’s why, various extra-curricular activities are also carried out to keep the young learners interested and to broaden their knowledge horizon.