Ethics Policy

Conditions for publishing in Amity International Journal of Teacher Education, authors are expected to adhere to basic standards of professional ethics and manner that are universal across all areas of scholarly publishing. In the publication agreement authors guarantee that their work is original and has not been published elsewhere. All parties are also expected to conform to common standards of professional respect. All participants in the publication process, including editors, authors, referees, and journal staff members, are expected to conform to basic standards of professional courtesy, and respect the basic rules and guidelines that govern the peer review and publication process. AIJTE’s two way review systems are based on plagiarism check and a blind peer review model, in which a single/double referee assumes responsibility for evaluating the scientific veracity, clarity, and significance of the content and results presented. Fabrication, misrepresentation or selective reporting of data with the intent to delude or stealing of data or from others is unethical, If found, we will resolve the matter by appropriate action; by refusing to consider an author's future work, and by contacting affected co authors and editors. The chief objective of our procedure is threefold: to provide advice for our authors and to improve their efforts, to maintain the scholarly integrity of our journal and their content, and to detail the ethical responsibilities of quality academic publication. This is in accordance with AIJTE’s assurance to the deterrence of ethical misconduct, to eliminate the emerging problems in academic publications.

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