24 Nov 2017|Kolkata

Treasure Hunt Competition on Environment at Amity University Kolkata


Date andVenue

A Treasure Hunt Competition onEnvironment was organized by the Nature Club of Departmentof Environmental Science, Amity Institute of Environmental Sciences on November24, 2017.

Numberof Participants

A total of 65 students (13 groupscontaining 5 students each) from different departments / schools / institutesacross Amity University Kolkata participated in the treasure hunt competition.Many more students requested and wanted to enlist their names but AIES limitedthe participants maximum to 65.


1.     Studentsassembled in Atrium and they were given their group numbers and the first clue.

2.     Nextclues were kept accordingly in playgrounds, amphitheatre are, AIEs classroomrespectively.

Result & Feedback:

1.      Department of Statistics won theFirst Prize and Department of Biotechnology won the second Prize. The prizeswere given away by our Respected Director Sir, Dr. Susanta Mitra.

2.      Students enjoyed a lot and were veryexcited.

3.      At the end participants requested foranother such kind of treasure hunt competition on Environmental Science.

4.      The students seemed much satisfiedand stated that the event was very successful, well organized.

5.      The students of AIES were reallyinstrumental in organizing and managing such a successful event.


In search of treasure

group behind the event

1st prize

2nd prize


Two Degrees

Chance to pursue two Academic degrees simultaneously as approved by UGC/Govt. of India