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  • Shruti Bhatnagar

    It has been a matter of great pleasure and privilege to be a part of Amity Group of Institutions...

    Shruti Bhatnagar

  • Monica Nanda

    A better human being, a better developer and a dream to achieve something big are all...

    Monica Nanda

  • Tanmay Kaurav

    Think Different”, that is one thing that Amity University...

    Tanmay Kaurav

  • Shubhangi Goyel

    Amity is not just a university; it is the epitome of learning where students fulfill their dreams,..

    Shubhangi Goyel

  • Twinkle Vijjan

    Being an Amitian it is a privileged not only for concentrating on academic career but also helping the students...

    Twinkle Vijjan

  • Simpal Sharma

    Amity is a place where you can live your life to the fullest...

    Simpal Sharma

  • Harshit Sharma

    It is rightly said that, EDUCATION IS THE MASTER OF SUCCESS....

    Harshit Sharma

  • Priya Vatyani

    It is a great pleasure being a part of Amity Group...

    Priya Vatyani

  • Harshit Agrawal

    Amity provides a perfect blend of knowledge and discipline...

    Harshit Agrawal

  • Shalini Chakrobarty

    What can I say about Amity? It’s such a great place with good environment...

    Shalini Chakrobarty

  • Sachin Tripathi

    Being a part of Amity University has been an astonishing journey...

    Sachin Tripathi

  • Ashwini Malik

    Amity University is one of the best University in MP...

    Ashwini Malik

  • Apoorva Agrawal

    I owe a sincere gratitude towards the Amity University MP for helping me to showcase my talent...

    Apoorva Agrawal

  • Shabnam Bhadauria

    People ask me what is so different about Amity University...

    Shabnam Bhadauria

  • Kavish Gambhir

    Amity university has provided an excellent experience in my respective field...

    Kavish Gambhir

  • Ankit Shrivastava

    What can I say about Amity? Amity University Gwalior has given me the platform to discover my true...

    Ankit Shrivastava

  • Anchal Sahany

    It feels good to be at Amity. Amity University Gwalior has provided me with the comfortable environment...

    Anchal Sahany

  • Ayushi Pratihar

    Studying at AMITY UNIVERSITY has been one of the best decisions...

    Ayushi Pratihar

  • Anubhav Nag

    Amity University Gwalior has been a great learning curve for me....

    Anubhav Nag

  • Divya Rishishwar

    I would like to say that 2011 to 2015 the perfect span which I spent in Amity....

    Divya Rishishwar

  • Vedshree Gupta

    Amity gave me the exposure I wouldn't have got anywhere else in the city...

    Vedshree Gupta

  • Pratiksha Singh

    A beautiful chapter of my life from 2011-2015...

    Pratiksha Singh

  • Stanlin Johnson

    The journey at Amity University was exciting. Loving...

    Stanlin Johnson

  • Pritish Phadnis

    Amity university has provided me with more than I expected....

    Pritish Phadnis

  • Meenal Pawar

    It feels great to be a part of amity university...

    Meenal Pawar

  • Benazir Sultana Qureshi

    My two years at Amity University Gwalior gave me so many cherished memories...

    Benazir Sultana Qureshi

  • Rahul Singh

    The best part of Amity University Gwalior is that it constantly stimulates the students to explore himself...

    Rahul Singh