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Professor Kiran Bhujun is the current Vice-Chancellor and Director of AMITY (Mauritius) as well as the Director of AMITY Global Business School. He also overseas the operations of AMITY (Kenya) and AMITY (South Africa).

Kiran Bhujun also holds the post of Director of the Tertiary Education and Scientific Research Division of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education & Scientific Research of the Republic of Mauritius, (from which he is currently on a leave without pay).

From July 2018 to August 2019, Prof Kiran Bhujun was seconded by the Ministry of Education to be the Officer in Charge of the University of Technology, Mauritius in replacement of its Director General. In his leadership role at the UTM, Kiran Bhujun brought in significant improvement to the processes and operations, thereby improving the efficiency of doing business at the University. He helped change the strategic vision of the University and brought its several stakeholders together and looking in a single direction for progress.

Kiran Bhujun has an interest in the administration of the higher education sector, and the improved efficiency of institutions with a view to better respond to the demands of potential and existing students. He has also been supportive of a platform for local researchers to interact.

Kiran is a multi-facet person, with qualifications in law from University of London (UK), civil engineering from IIT Kanpur (India), business administration from the University of Mauritius and project management from the Project Management Institute (USA).

He has over 22 years of work experience, in an array of sectors and across several institutions. He was the Project Manager of the Prime Minister’s Office and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mauritius, the Registrar of the Council of Registered Professional Engineers of Mauritius, a Contract Management and Contract law consultant and a senior Engineer in the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. Kiran Bhujun has also been the Deputy Director and Registrar of the Mauritius Qualifications Authority. He is a Chartered Engineer and further holds the PMP status from the Project Management Institute, USA.

Kiran is an active member in social work and has been a past President in Junior Chamber International (JCI) in Mauritius. As a Senator of JCI, Kiran firmly believes that every person can make a positive change to society, and to oneself, by putting in the required effort and dedication. He believes in the empowering of people, and his favourite quote is "A single candle can light the world".

Dr Ashish Gadekar

Professor Ashish Gadekar is Dean in Faculty of Management at AMITY (Mauritius). His area of interest in research is Industry 4.0 and Education 4.0. He has been a successful consultant, trainer and mentor to corporate leaders, over and above his excellence in teaching at higher education level in the last 22 years. He has been on the editorial board as well as reviewer’s board of reputed international journals, also publishing few as an editor in chief in past years. As an Academic head, Dean and head of department, he has delivered the academic excellence, by nurturing research capability among the teachers and students. He believes, the emerging technology should be extensively used to make teaching-learning interesting and students centric.

Dr. Tulsidas R.K. NARRAIDOO

Adjunct Faculty, Information Technology
P.hD. M.Sc., F.C.I.M., M.I.H.
  • Registered Trainer (MQA) in the field of Management.
  • His areas of expertise are Strategic Management, International Tourism Management and Human Resources Management.
  • He has special inclination towards Strategic Leadership, Consultancy for the private sector mainly Hospitality, Tourism and Banking.
  • Apart from Mauritius, he is also a visiting lecturer in Strategic Management and International Tourism Management in Cyprus, South Africa, Namibia, Rodrigues and Switzerland.
  • He has been member of several Government Authorities, Corporations and Parastatal Bodies amongst which are the Mauritius Qualifications Authority, the Tertiary Education Commission and the Human Resources Development Council.
  • He has been advisor and consultant to several government ministries such as the Ministry of Education & Science, Ministry of Health & Quality of Life, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Human Resources, Development and Training, the Ministry of Tourism & Leisure and The Tourism Authority.
  • He has delivered more than sixty conferences and workshops in Mauritius and worldwide in companies such as Le Defi Media Group, Lonrho, Naide Resorts, Metropole Group, Accor, Illovo, the Police Force, Inondis, Food & Allied Industries, De Chazal Du Mee Accountants and Barclays.

Mrs. Fazeela Banu

Associate Professor, Management
MBA & MPhil
  • She has overall 14+ years of experience in the IT, ITES, and Education Sector and is an expert in Soft Skills (Trained 10,000+ graduates
  • She has conducted many workshops on Team building, Attitude & Behaviour of employees and Emotional Intelligence for the corporates.
  • Conducted Seminars and workshops in many Universities
  • Organized a National conference on Foreign Direct Investment in Mauritius
  • She has also honed Global Business Operations skills along with International Business Development Skills and Franchisee management
  • Substantial experience in collaboration with Foreign Universities for partnerships & exchange programs
  • Registered (MQA) Trainer in the field of Management.
  • Approved trainer in Global Employability Skills (UK)
  • Published article on Women Entrepreneurships in Mauritius and presented the same in National Conference on entrepreneurships.
  • Currently Pursuing Ph.D.

Mr. Loovesh Sharma

Mr. Loovesh Sharma Ramwodin is an Information Technology & Artificial Intelligence Lecturer and Researcher working at AMITY (Mauritius). He holds an Electronic Engineering degree with first-class honors from the University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) and a Post Graduate Master’s degree with distinction in Applied Software Technologies from the University of Mauritius (UoM). Currently, Mr. Ramwodin is doing his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Educational sector. Devoted to research and Education, Mr. Ramwodin has served as Part-Time Lecturer in various Government and private Universities across Mauritius including University of Technology, Mauritius, Universite des Mascareignes, and Polytechnic Mauritius.

Mrs. Oomavedi Cudian

Mrs Oomavedi Cudian, Registrar since June 2020 at AMITY (Mauritius) holds a graduate degree in Public Administration and a Post Graduate degree in Public Sector Management. Out of her 43 years of service at different positions, she served the Mauritius Institute of Education as Registrar for 10 consecutive years. As such she carries with her a broad range of expertise, and experience in the field of student services and general administration. She has been a member of various boards of parastatal organisation and has profound knowledge in Academic Affairs.

Ms. Darshini Samynaden

Ms. Darshini Samynaden is the Marketing Manager at AMITY (Mauritius). She holds a Bachelor degree in Sociolgy with first-class honors from the University of Mauritius and a Master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom. She started her career as a lecturer in 2016 and is also a faculty member, sharing her passion for teaching at AMITY (Mauritius). She is also an active member in social work and has been a past President of Passerelle a subgroup of the Social Cultural, Arts and Self (SCAS) Academy in Mauritius.

Visting Faculty

In addition to the permanent faculty, leading professionals from the corporate world interact regularly with the students in the classroom as well as their workplaces. The students get a different insight into the subject with the rich industry experience the faculty shares with each of them. They encourage the students to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experiential learning.

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