Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh

Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities
Director General, Amity Directorate of Management and Allied Areas
Director General, Amity University Greater Noida Campus
Director General, Amity International Business School & Vice Chairman, Global Foundation for Learning & Excellence

Kagaz apni kismat se udta hai lekin patang apni qabiliyat se, isliye kismat sath de ya na de qabiliyat sath zarur deti hai.

India needs world class top ranked, high quality Education Institutions and temples of learning. We, at Amity are trying with our all humbleness, energy and determination to give strong foundation to Indian Education System. We are trying to make our young generation capable, confident, courageous, self-reliant and the most successful kites, which can always fly high in the competitive sky.

We are committed to this Education Revolution as only the right education will change the face of this country. Those who fear the unknown only plan and worry while those who don't are the ones who write history. This is the thin line, which makes one a leader or a follower, creates enterprises or obsoletes them.

Our endeavor is to unearth the hidden potential in each of our student so that they can become a success story in themselves.