19 Sep 2022|Patna

Introduction to Learning Engineering.

 Amity Institute of Information Technology organized a Guest Lecture today on the topic *“Introduction to Learning Engineering ”* for the students of AIIT and ASET. The guest speaker was *Mr. Shashi Kant Shankar, Learning Engineering Ambassador and researcher, Center for Educational Technologies,TALLIN University, Estonia, Europe*

The major points that were discussed in the session  were *Digitalization in education and the Nature of jobs.* He also explained that how the required skills were rapidly changing in 21st Century and also discussed about the  Lifelong learning process, Evidence-based decision making, Data-informed decisions, and Information-driven approach
The lecture was very interactive.The students raised a few questions which were very well answered by the speaker. The  session was attended  by the  faculty members of AIIT and ASET and was moderated  by Prof. Avishek Choudhuri .