About Amity School of Economics

Amity School of Economics, Noida, U.P. was established as a paragon institute in Economics, under the aegis of Amity University in 2009, and it branched out with its Bachelor’s programme with an extensive course structure divided over 6 semesters. Since then the department has witnessed significant growth with establishment of M.A. Economics in 2010, B.A. (Hons.) PPE in 2011, B.A. (Hons) Economics+B.Ed in 2018, B.A. (Hons.) Business Economics in 2019 and M.A. Business Economics in 2019. It also offers Ph.D. in Economics as well as Ph.D. in Governance, Public Policy & Law (Full time and Part time).

Today, ASE offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes combining all of the core analytical and quantitative techniques required by modern economic graduates. The programme is devised to create & cradle a new class of budding academicians & professionals, whose strong foundation is laid not only through the study of pure Economics, but with the flair of other disciplines such as Management, Foreign Languages, Environment and Politics. ASE aims to provide a stimulating environment for learning as the courses are regularly updated with respect to market demand, as well as sharpening the communication skills of students through regular discussions and presentations on contemporary issues and debates.

ASE aims at creating a class of graduates in Economics who are equipped not only with a strong foundation of Economic theory but also with skills required to tackle and analyse the real world Business and Economic issues.