Welcome to the Amity International Model United Nations Club

Since it's inception in 2011, AMIMUN has been regarded as one of the finest MUN Conferences in India and abroad with its exemplary themes and concept. This is the third time that I have been granted the privilege to such an amazing opportunity. "Turning Grey to Green", "Youth Empowerment" and "Humanity Before Mankind" had given the participating delegates a perspective about the issues which they won't deal in real life. And this year, with "Aspire to Inspire" we certainly established a theme that made an individual even more inclined towards their inner self and find their potential to grow and succeed.

Model UN has been an integral part of my growth as a person and above all, the HUMANITARIAN that I am today. It taught me how to excel at everything in real life scenarios, by the help of good communication skills, genuine diplomacy and even enhancing my leadership potential. History of the formation of the UN attracted me from the very beginning and Model UN was a platform introduced to me in my first year of college as a path to learn even more.

The formation of the AMIMUN Club at Amity University, Noida has been a great success as it has produced dozens of leaders in the past who have served in the Secretariat of previous editions and now organising team of AMIMUN'19 has shown remarkable skills in organising an unforgettable experience. Amity University considers quality and quantity at the same level, always and the same has been proven by AMIMUN in it's past six editions.

I welcome you all again to the world of AMIMUN where leaders are born and taught to succeed in all of their conquests. I hope the vision and theme of AMIMUN brings a change to the real world.

Regards and Wishes
Siddhant Treasure
Amity International Model United Nations Club


We are the MUN Club of Amity University a group of motivated and sincere students interested in the art of Diplomacy and the world of International Relations. We proudly represent Amity International Model United Nation (AMIMUN) conference which is one of the biggest MUNs in Delhi hosted and organised by Amity University. We work hard and train diligently to experience, exchange, negotiate, represent and learn all that there is.

Rich with practical experience and lead by seasoned MUNers, we strive to bring out the best in each member of this club and promote the basic values of the United Nations. The talent is there and the future clear: We want to continue our MUN journey into the future with more experience and motivation and belief in our fellow young student diplomats.

Yuvraj Chaddha- Vice President (+91 9599037511)

- To tap the potential MUNers/debaters looking for a platform to make their voice heard
- Help the students nurture their skills
- Create a pool of MUNers for future such conferences
- To involve interested students into the world of International politics and relations
- Offer support and workshops to shape the youth leaders of tomorrow
- Promote the concept of MUNs and engage more and more students in this activity

- The MUN Club will offer training sessions which will regularly take place during the academic semester
- To give newcomers a chance to get an insight into MUNing and to learn the procedures and basic skills that are needed to successfully participate in MUN conferences
- To form a base of MUNers for future AMIMUN conferences both as delegates and secretariat members
- To help the students participate in other MUN conferences by providing the required training

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