Amity Institute of Technology

A joint initiative with Tata Technologies

Recognizing the need of the hour to train future-ready engineers, Amity University and Tata Technologies have come together to provide industry oriented, innovation led simulated competency centers; wherein the training is provided by leading experts from the industry to produce Industry ready engineers. In this approach, we have recognized the industry-academia gap and restructured our curriculum by adopting the next generation of technologies and tools to train our students to bridge this gap.

Amity Institute of Technology currently offers:


About Amity

Amity is the leading education group of India with over 1,25,000 students studying across 1000 acres of hi-tech campus


TATA Technologies Management Team

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Mr. Warren Harris

Managing Director and CEO

Mr. Harris has been with Tata Technologies for more than 25 years where his roles have evolved from being an engineer to a number of technical management positions worldwide until in 1998 he was named CEO of the company and served on its Board of Directors.

Corporate Testimonial

Amity Institute of Technology is a jewel in the crown of Amity University UP, Noida as the Industry–Academia partnership. In Indian context, it’s a new beginning with a global benchmark as per any international academic standards in Aero and Automotive sectors. It is strategic and very intelligent step by Tata Technologies by investing and balancing the skills and demography dividend issue of our country in both short and long term. In my view it’s Read More...

a unique combination, best synergies of both academic & industrial world for students…wish we had it during our times! Starting from the Amity’s world class infrastructure, industry aligned course curriculum to the lab set-ups , real time working cut models to industrial software trainings, industry expert interactions/mentorship to factory visits surpasses them from GET or MT directly to Engineer or Management staff , when they join industry. This is because most of skills needed and the training was already part of their study experience of 4 years. In my language they are not “raw resources” rather “industry ready” resources for companies. Over and above is the fresh prospective & the mind-set which they bring to industry is an asset!

Proud to be part of set-up journey as Member Board of Studies in touch with young turks as Mentor feeding food of thoughts with real case scenarios, projects, latest updates in technology & global industrial trends in their hungry minds.

Dr Saurabh Mohan Saxena

Founding Director & CEO - AHODS Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

Amity University, its world class competency centers and industry led curriculum designed by Tata Technology, with a distinctive record of accomplishments in the field of teaching, training and research, has always been active in establishing collaborative linkage with reputed industries, international academic institutions and Research& Development organizations for reaching the zenith &achieving the excellence. Read More...

I am positive that Amity will laysignificant emphasis &giveinsight into integrating sustained quality &excel in the manufacturing process. This in turn will help equip the students be Industry ready to face the techno-economic challenges of the millennium, resulting in a healthier economy. The World class &industry led curriculum & newly introduced Design Lab and Workshop with cross sectioned working models of Engines,Gearbox, Car& SUV etc. will prove to be a brilliant linkage to the textbooks for quick practical learning &another milestone in the achievements of scientific knowledge and trends innovations in the areas of Engineering.

Rajiv Malhotra

President, Motherson techno tools

Amity Institute of Technology is one of the finest institutions which adds industry orientation to the students’ knowledge. Amity engineers are far clearer in their approach due to practically industrial environment in collaboration with Tata Technologies. Automobile engineers from Amity are in great demand as AIT imparts practical knowledge along with the degree. Amity faculty of intellectuals with industry academia exposure is the best combination for any Institute. Amity young engineers have the best placement opportunities as the institute produce future ready engineers for a nice take off. My best wishes to AIT!!

Sunil Bhatnagar

CXO, Lithium Project, IPL Tech Electric P Ltd, Murugappa Group Company



Pratyush Singh,

B.Tech (Automobile Engineering), Amity Institute of Technology (AIT) Alumni of 2020 Batch, Engineer, Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL)

I am very much thankful to my institute, A place where I gained knowledge, best needed for the survival in outer world and confidence. My Institute provided me an opportunity to be a part of such unique Industry academia partnership between Amity University & Tata Technologies. Right from day 1 energy and enthusiasm is what I experienced, be it faculty or students.

Shantanu Bakshi

B.Tech. (Automobile Engineering), AIT, Alumni of 2020 Batch, Engineer – Tata Technologies Ltd.

The Symbiotic relationship of Amity university With Tata Technologies made all the difference. It is the best Industry led program across the country with Teachers having a humongous experience in their fields. I am very grateful to my institute for providing an opportunity of my choice in one of the leading organizations in the country.

Ishaan Jha

B.Tech. (Automobile Engineering), AIT, Alumni of 2020 Batch, Engineer – Tata Technologies Ltd.

My institute, Amity Institute of Technology is in collaboration with Tata Technologies Ltd. And this was the opportunity that I grabbed and entered Tata Technologies Ltd. as an Automobile Engineer which fulfilled my dream. I am very much thankful to my institute for providing me a platform to showcase my talent and supporting the recruitment.

Mayank Bhatia

B.Tech (Automobile), 2016-2020 Graduate Engineer Trainee, Tata Technologies Ltd.

Amity Institute of Technology is one the finest passage for all Automotive enthusiasts to turn their dreams into reality and entering the professional Automotive Industry with class-leading technologies and super-advanced labs for all the practical knowledge you can gain in the field. Collaboration with Tata Technologies has made the boat sail smoother than ever as the best possible instructors from the industry have been guiding us and providing us with all the real-world experience they have gained in their service to the field. Due to all this only, I have been able to join the industry I have always dreamt of serving.

Shashank Kumar

, B. Tech. (Aeronautical Engineering) 2016-20,
M.Tech Aerospace IISc Bangalore 2021

I am very grateful that I got opportunity to learn at Amity Institute of Technology, it improved me as a person and as a student to a great extent, the industry exposure that one get here is very helpful in future prospects. It's really a place where you get lot of opportunities in every domain. The teachers and every faculty member here is so experienced in their respective fields that I felt privileged to be a graduate from here. The support I got throughout was so great .

Parush Bumrah

B.Tech ( Aeronautical), 2017-2021
Master of Aerospace Engineering, Concordia University

I am extremely grateful to Amity Institute of Technology for creating a vibrant ambience for learning, exploring and for molding us from amateur individuals to young professionals, ready to take-on the challenges in our industry with confidence. Enriched with the golden experience and expertise of the faculty and subject matter experts from Tata technologies and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, it is truly a beautiful amalgamation of the industry and academia. Glad to be a part of this wonderful synergy, imbued with optimism and passion for teaching, skilling and preparing industry-ready engineers.

Vishwa Modha

, B.Tech (Automobile), 2017-21
Graduate Engineer Trainee, Tata Technologies Ltd.

My sincere gratitude and appreciation go to Amity Institute of Technology in collaboration with Tata Technologies Ltd. for giving me this platform to perform better in life. The unique combination with the best synergies of the academic and industrial world fosters Industry ready students for facing larger techno- economic challenges. The extremely knowledgeable and Industry-focused faculty & experts enriched my vision and overall experience as a student

Ankit Singh

B.Tech (Automobile), 2017-2021
M.Tech ( Smart manufacturing), IIT Madras

The curriculum has been designed to have more laboratory courses rather than having series of lectures where I developed my skills through the state of the art equipment and tools provided by Tata Technologies. So, that's the reason I have secured AIR 461 in GATE examination

Amrit Ahuja

B.Tech (Automobile), 2017-2021
Design Engineer, Congruex Asia Pacific LLP

Amity Institute of Technology, AUUP in collaboration with Tata Technologies, has been empowering students with skills and competencies. They have molded many young individuals into industry ready engineers complying with Industry 4.0. Presence of highly educated and professional faculties along with robust infrastructure and facilities have always been a constant source of motivation for all. Amity Institute of Technology has made an invaluable contribution in my success story and many more!

Venkata Sai Jatin Immaneni,

B.Tech (Automobile Engineering), 2018-22, CGPA: 9.59
Graduate Engineer Trainee, Spares and Logistics, Honda Car India Limited, Panapakkam, Chennai

Getting into Amity was the best thing that I have ever experienced. Apart from excellent education it has given me several opportunities and  experiences to revitalise my career. Amity has given me the memories that I’ll cherish lifelong. There are excellent teaching Faculty, Spacious and state of the art laboratories, and a Ragging free atmosphere. Apart from this, the Institute has a collaboration with Tata Technologies Ltd. which provides trailblazing Industry Ready Experience along with the Curriculum which is rarely seen anywhere else in the country. Proud to be a Amitian.

Gundeep Singh Narang

B. Tech (Automobile), 2018-22
Engineer Trainee,
Renault Nissan Technology and Business Centre (RNTBCI)

Amity Institute of Technology fuelled my passion for automobile. Through comprehensive modules to the affiliation with Tata Technologies, we received well rounded training for a career in automotive industry. We received support right from day one until our placement. I am now a part of Renault Nissan Technology and Business Centre (RNTBCI).


2019-2023 BATCH
8.5 Lakhs PA

I am writing this testimonial to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for my experience as a B.Tech Automobile Engineering student at Amity institute of technology, Amity University. From the moment I stepped onto the campus, I knew I had made the right choice in pursuing my engineering education at Amity.

The faculty at AIT is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets of the institution. The professors are not only highly knowledgeable in their respective fields but also genuinely passionate about teaching and guiding students. They go above and beyond to ensure that we grasp the fundamental concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios. The interactive teaching methods, practical demonstrations, and industry-oriented approach have tremendously enhanced my understanding of the subject matter.

The state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops equipped with the latest technology and machinery have provided us with an excellent platform to apply theoretical knowledge into practice. The university also organizes frequent industrial visits and internships, giving us valuable opportunities to gain hands-on experience and interact with industry professionals. These experiences have not only boosted my confidence but also broadened my perspective on the industry and its challenges. The dedicated placement team works tirelessly to ensure that students are well-prepared for job interviews, and they provide valuable guidance and support throughout the placement process. As a result, I have had the privilege of securing an internship at a renowned automobile company Tata Technologies during my third year, which gave me the confidence to land a job at Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India Pvt Ltd. As an Executive Trainee.

I am proud to be a part of the Amity family and would highly recommend AIT to any aspiring engineering student seeking a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

Venkatesh Trivedi

GET – service
Suzuki motorcycle India limited
5.5 Lakhs PA

I have recently graduated from Amity University with a degree in Automobile Engineering. Throughout my academic journey, I was fortunate to have incredibly supportive and understanding teachers who played a vital role in my success. One aspect that greatly contributed to my practical knowledge was the collaboration between the university and Tata Technologies. Through this partnership, I had access to benchmarking labs, where I gained hands-on experience in the field. Moreover, the syllabus, prepared by industry experts, ensured that I was well-versed in the latest technologies, including electric vehicles. Proud to be a part of Amity.

Prince Kumar Chauhan

Batch: 2019-2023
Associate Engineer (Component)
United Airlines Business Services Pvt.Ltd

I am grateful for the opportunities offered by Amity University, Noida (AIT) to enhance my knowledge. As I recently got Graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, the complete program structure, environment, and industry-relevant exposure make this institution a dream college for every student who aspires to be successful in their career. I have established my leadership, time management, technical and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills.

Within the University, being in an Institute that has already a collaboration with the Tata Technologies leads us to enhance our knowledge in the area of what the industry requires us all to know after graduation which includes the internship, revised syllabus and industry ready guidance

Javin Raghuvanshi

B. Tech (Automobile Engineering), 2020-2024.
Graduate Engineering Trainee,
Kurakawa Co. Ltd., Japan.
Salary Package: 15.91 LPA

The Amity Institute of Technology bestowed upon me an exceptional platform to acquire knowledge and foster personal growth. I owe my success to the unwavering support and guidance of the faculty, who instilled in me the confidence to learn from my mistakes and develop a professional approach towards my goals. My experience studying here has been nothing short of enlightening and enjoyable, and I feel fortunate to have been a part of such a thriving environment. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Amity for providing me with numerous opportunities to excel.

Ms. Kadam Payal Kailas

B.Tech. (Aeronautical Engineering), 2020-2024.
Aeronautical Engineer,
Nittocorp Co. Ltd., JAPAN.
Salary Package: 14.50 LPA

As an alumni of AIT Amity University Noida, I am thrilled to share my journey since graduating with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at AIT. I, Payal Kadam, currently working at Nittocorp Co. Ltd in Japan, a prominent company in the aeronautical and automobile sector.

Joining Nittocorp has been a dream come true. Working in Japan, a global hub for technology and innovation is exhilarating. Moreover, being part of a company at the forefront of technological advancements is inspiring and rewarding. The compensation package at Nittocorp is highly competitive, among other benefits.

I owe a debt of gratitude to AIT Amity University Noida for laying the foundation of my career and providing me with the opportunities to pursue my passions in aeronautical engineering. The support and mentorship I received from all the faculty members of AIT and my peers have been instrumental in shaping my journey thus far.

To current students of AIT Amity University Noida, I encourage you to seize every opportunity that comes your way and pursue your passions wholeheartedly.

In conclusion, I am immensely proud to be alumni of AIT Amity University Noida. I am grateful for the foundation it provided me to embark on a successful career in the aeronautical industry. I look forward to seeing future generations of students thrive and excel in their respective fields.