Every child has an innate potential that when tapped and nurtured can help him soar to unimaginable heights. It is for this reason that Amity with its insignia of ‘We nurture talent’, endeavours to unearth the hidden talents in each child and optimise their aptitude to the fullest.

With a meticulously crafted curriculum that not just lays emphasis on academic excellence, but also ensures personality enhancement, Amity aims to bring out the best in every child. Adhering to highest standards in providing quality education, students are given the opportunity to learn both inside and outside the classroom, making learning a holistic and fun filled process.

Under the dynamic leadership of our esteemed Chairperson, Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, this quality education is embedded in value based learning that not just creates a competent and proficient youth, who will take on the mantle of tomorrow, but also altruistic leaders who are connected to their roots. Creating respect for our tradition, human values, culture and heritage is a part of the school environment.

Nurturing these young toddlers, see them grow with utmost care and perfection, I am confident that you, my Amitians, will work and realise their potential to fulfil the vision of our Founder President of making India a super power by 2030.

Ms.Purnima Ghoshal
Amity International School,
principal Message
“The purpose of education is to bring out the best in you.”