Amity scientists have participated in 10th Indian scientific Expedition to Southern Ocean under the leadership of Prof. Tanu Jindal and collected samples for screening of microorganism from for antimicrobial activity with their molecular characterization and for the detection of PAH, PCB, pesticides, heavy metals, dioxins/dibenzofurans) and other xenobiotic agents.

Project Title: Screening of microorganism from Indian sector of southern ocean for antimicrobial activity with their molecular characterization

Organization: Amity University

Project Investigator: Prof. Tanu Jindal

Participants: Dr. Abhishek Chauhan and Mr. Laxmikant Bhardwaj

Cruise Track ( 10th SOE)

Onboard culturing of marine microorganisms: A: Inoculation bench; B: Photo incubation facility; C; Vertical Autoclave for sterilization; D: Presumptive algal growth in selective media; E: Bacterial colonies on Nutrient Agar Plates; F: Tube1: Showing bacterial turbidity in selective broth, CTube-2: Media control; G: Presumptive yeast colonies on modified chloramphenicol yeast glucose agar (CYGA) plates; Presumptive fungal colonies on CYGA media plates