About Us

“Amity Institute of Oceanography & Atmospheric Sciences (AIOAS) was established on 2nd February 2019 at Amity University under the visionary guidance of Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Universe. The institution endeavors to become an active and foremost institution in the field of Oceanography & Atmospheric Sciences where scientists/faculty and dedicated researchers perform cutting-edge research in the area of biological Sciences (Plankton; deep-sea microbial ecology, Molecular microbial ecology; trace metal bio geochemistry, Marine microbial ecology; invasion biology; microplastics; Vibrio bacteria, phytoplankton ecology, Fisheries Ecology) Chemical Sciences (Biogeochemistry of marine estuarine sediments, focusing on carbon, nitrogen and trace metal (e.g., Fe, Mn and Cu) cycling, fluxes of trace elements across ocean interfaces and internal biogeochemical processes, Organic geochemistry, linking geochemistry and proteomics, climate change in polar oceans, atmospheric deposition to the ocean, and submarine hydrothermal activity, with a focus on bioactive trace metals (e.g., Fe) and Physical Sciences (Climate change, sea level rise & numerical models of ocean processes, Hydrography & circulation in the Southern Ocean and Ocean observing systems, surface currents radar & sea level rise)

Institution also targets high impact research on exploring southern Ocean microbes for novel biotech application such as nutraceuticals, enzyme, antibiotics, surfactants other industrially important products besides bioremediation of pollutants. Focus of R&D remains on creating, disseminating and applying new knowledge in Oceanography & Atmospheric Sciences research.

Our team has been continuously participating & contributing towards Antarctic and Southern Ocean research. We offer focus on meteorology and oceanography to develop a knowledge base and institution capabilities for management of ocean resources and atmospheric research activities.

Scientific board will be representing a mix of academic, research and industry experts. The advisory board serves an important role in guiding in areas of program development and assessment, research, student and faculty engagement and external collaborations. We believe that your knowledge, expertise and understanding of the importance that Oceanography & Atmospheric Sciences play in today’s scientific research will complement the efforts of team and advance the goals of our mission.