Master of Hospital Administration Programme:

Q: Is Healthcare a growing industry?

A: Healthcare – A sunrise Industry in India: Healthcare is globally considered as one of the services that maximally impact the quality of life and life expectancy of populations. India spends USD 19 Billion on Healthcare of which 63% is expenditure by Private players. The annual requirement of hospital beds has been estimated at 80,000/year. New hospital projects are coming up across the country and existing ones are expanding their services. Several corporate houses with a professional managerial approach have ventured into hospital industry. Accreditation bodies such as NABH and JCI have further underlined the need for a professional approach to Hospital Administration and Public Health.

Q: Is there demand for MHA qualified professionals in Healthcare and Hospitals?

A: Demand for professional Healthcare Managers: In the healthcare industry, growing specializations have led to increasingly complex service organizations. Managing these departments with advanced facilities and modalities of treatment requires competent and professionally trained Hospital Administrators who can ensure quality, optimization and better productivity in the delivery of healthcare services. The total annual output of trained hospital managers in India is 2500 whereas the need is estimated to be of 22,000 professionals based upon the country’s present status.

Q: What are the job/placement opportunities for MHA qualified professionals in Healthcare and Hospitals?

A: Placement Opportunities: Plentiful opportunities exist for qualified MHAs in varied fields including

  • Private Hospitals
  • Government Hospitals
  • Health Insurance Organizations and TPAs
  • IT firms for hospital Information projects
  • International bodies like WHO, UNDP and many National and International Development agencies
  • Government Health agencies

Q: What are the job/placement opportunities for MHA qualified professionals in Healthcare and Hospitals?

A: There are many opportunities for placement in

  • Government organizations eg NACO, as Programmed Directors for National Health programmes
  • In State and Center Directorates of Health
  • Government Hospitals and Health agencies
  • Medical Colleges as faculty/Professors
  • Health Consultancy firms
  • Non Government Agencies- National eg Helpage
  • International Agencies eg WHO, USAID, UNICEF Delhi and field offices, UNFPA, National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP), DFID
  • IT firms for Health Information Projects
  • In Industry as Occupational Health specialists
  • In Government & NGO agencies as Environmentalist
  • As Epidemiologist in Government, NGOs, teaching Institutions
  • As Biostatistician
  • Marketing organizations for health marketing
  • TPAs for health insurance
  • Similar jobs overseas