The healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in India. Like all industries, it is keen to explore techniques that will increase the quality and efficiency of patient care while reducing costs. This is where the field of healthcare administration comes in – it focuses on implementing various business management strategies in the healthcare industry, thereby increasing profitability and reducing costs while at the same time improving patient care. It also deals with effectively managing various administrative aspects of the industry, such as finance, personnel management, public relations, and resource management.

Scope for growth of Healthcare in India:

In India, the annual additional requirement of hospital beds has been estimated at 80,000/year. The expected spend on healthcare is expected to grow to 8.5% of GDP by 2015 in India. Of this, the Government spend of total expenditure and the Health Insurance cover to be less than 10% of market. The maximum growth will be in healthcare facilities provided by the Private sector. The drivers of demand are the middle income group in India- a rapidly expanding proportion of population.

New hospital projects are coming across the country and several existing ones are expanding their services. Several corporate houses with a professional managerial approach have ventured into hospital industry. Accreditation bodies such as NABH and JCI have further underlined the need for a professional approach to hospital Administration.

Demand for professional Healthcare Managers:

Advances in the field of science and technology have given rise to an era of specialization. In the healthcare industry, these specializations have paved the way for creation of multiple specialty and sub-specialty departments to enhance the level of care delivery. Managing these departments with advanced facilities and modalities of treatment requires professionally trained and competent personnel in the field of hospital administration who can ensure quality, optimization and better productivity in the delivery of healthcare services.

Professional services of trained manpower namely Hospital administrators/ managers have now become essential to manage hospitals and medical facilities. Rising competition among various healthcare groups, more demanding patients, legal hurdles, medical tourism, and consumerism in health care has made the profession of hospital administration highly demanding.

The awareness regarding the need for professional management has grown in the Public Health Sector as well. Professionally qualified hospital managers are preferentially employed in Government hospitals and other Public Sector undertakings.

A large number of Educational Institutions that provide the relevant training are the need of the hour to fulfill the rising demand for Hospital Administrators.

Shortfall of Hospital Administrators:

Around 2500 qualified professionals in the field of hospital management and administration are available every year. This is a cumulative count of seats available in the regular programs offered by institutes, and also includes three distance learning programs.

Although the total annual output of these institutions is 2500 qualified professionals which are available to work in the domain of hospital management / administration the need is estimated to be of 22,000 professionals based upon the country’s present status, which reflects the dearth in their workforce capacity.