Amity Journal of Agribusiness
ISSN: 2455-9873 (Print)    |    ISSN: 2456-1525 (Online)    |    RNI: UPENG/2017/72760

Amity Journal of Agribusiness (AJAB) adheres to an accelerated and rigorous double-blind review policy in which the identity of both the reviewer and author is concealed from each other. Each manuscript is reviewed by four referees. All manuscripts are reviewed as soon as possible and an editorial decision is generally reached within 8-10 weeks of submission.

The submitted manuscripts will be assessed by reviewers with domain knowledge of the submission’s main research area, and minimum one reviewer who comes from a discipline outside the author’s own field. 

All manuscripts are assessed initially by the Editors and only those papers will be sent for outside review that meet the methodological and editorial standards of the journal and fit within the aims and scope of the journal. Papers rejected prior to outside review may be resubmitted accompanied by a letter detailing how the initial reasons for rejection have been overcome.

The reviewers' recommendations determine whether an article will be

  • Accepted
  • Accepted subject to minor changes
  • Accepted subject to resubmission with significant changes
  • Rejected.

For articles which require changes, the same reviewers will be used to ensure that the quality of the revised article is acceptable.

Multiple Authors: In case of multiple authors, the "corresponding author" will be responsible for the collection and provision of the copyright form from each author after acceptance.