Vision :

Creating high quality innovative research and teaching in interdisciplinary science to develop specialized manpower, academician and intellectual leaders and scientists with excellent professional skills in stem cell technology, molecular medicine and oncology, and cutting-edge research for better understanding and management of human health and disease.

Mission :

  • Developing a multidisciplinary knowledge Centre to provide high quality teaching and research in stem cell science & technology, cancer and molecular medicine.

  • Disseminating value education and training to a new generation of young minds in the frontier areas of stem cell science, disease biology and medicine.

  • Creating a passion for research while inculcating scientific temperament, commitment, sincerity and knowledge inquisitive mind with the aim of contributing towards better human health though basic and translational research.

  • Intellectual grooming of each student to be a leader in the field of stem cell science, molecular medicine and oncology.

  • Establishing national and international collaborative networks on biomedicine, stem cell and cancer research to promote Amity as an International hub of biomedicinal research and innovation.

  • Creating model facility for self financial sustenance of Institute through referral diagnostics, novel therapeutic and research initiatives.


The techniques of molecular biology along with genetics, cell biology and complete genome sequencing of human and pathogens have revolutionized our basic understanding of human disease at the molecular level. These developments have given birth to Molecular Medicine, the knowledge of which is making unprecedented contribution in designing specific molecular tools and therapies for effective diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human diseases. It is therefore essential to understand the disease pathogenesis at molecular level.

Another very exciting and emerging area of science which has tremendous application in modern biology and medicine is Stem Cells Science & Technology Stem cells play a critical role in normal growth and development by providing new cells for replacing and/ or repairing of damaged tissues . These stem cells hold great promise for medicine, both as a potential source of replacement cells for damaged organ and a resource for studying disease pathogenesis and to discover drugs against them. Hence, Stem cell research has opened up a new direction in bringing about revolution in the field of detection, prevention, prognostication and treatment of various chronic and untreatable diseases including genetic diseases and cancer.

Cancer remains one of the most dreaded and king of all diseases and till date inspite of innumerable discoveries; it has failed to make radical improvements in patient care and management except providing conventional therapies. To fulfill this, there is a need to create specialists who can understand the basic biology of cancer within the host organism and in vitro and can implement most effective translation of basic discoveries into better treatment modalities. Introduction of interdisciplinary Master’s degree course on cutting edge Cellular & Molecular Oncology with in-depth understanding towards innovative translational approaches in molecular biology of cancer and medicine and will contribute to a better management of cancer.

The challenges in these areas include: availability of human resource, as there is an extreme paucity of expertise and manpower in this field in India and whole of South East Asia. Amity Institute of Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Research envisions to provide a great teaching and research environment. The foundations of which will be built on great infrastructure, interdisciplinary research networks between students, researchers and clinicians along with a’ Hands-on’ approach.