15 Mar 2016 |Lucknow

Multipurpose Hall (Auditorium Block)

Workshop on Legal Aspects of Business


Rules Set

  • The teams were given 5 minutes On-stage to discuss the legal aspects of the given case.
  • It was conveyed to all that the logical analysis to support the opinion would be more important than the opinion itself.
  • Teams were told about the possibility of being disqualified for misconduct.
  • Compulsory presence of each and every student of MBA G II.
  • Teams not allowed request for change of group.
  • Team members to be seated next to each other.

Allotment of cases to Teams



The cases were handed over to all in hard copies at 9.15 am i.e. one hour in advance.


  • The information about names of team members and their groups was mailed on 14th March in the late evening.

  • Groups were formed after thorough analysis of the class response of the students of the MBA G II semester

Topics covered     

  • Negotiable Instrument Act, Indian Contract Act, Sale of Goods Act and Consumer Protection Act 



Total 15 teams were formed comprising 2 students of MBA G II semester in each team.


Cases - 15 situations were distributed to be logically analyzed.




A chit system was adopted to call teams to present logical analysis. After delivery of every team’s Case, the Advocates interfered & shared the appropriateness of the logics given and then the value addition was done. This further added to clarity and generated motivation to debate.


Dress Code - Black and White


  • The participants and the audience felt that the workshop was an opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge to the real life scenarios.

  • The workshop demonstrated students greater insight of the legality and implications of the Business law which is helpful in making better decisions related to legal issues in real life.

  • This workshop taught the application of the subject Legal Aspects of Business which is being taught in the classroom. Such extended classroom activity could boost confidence of students.

  • As the workshop matured participants and audience started interacting with Advocates with enthusiasm and curiosity.

  • The interesting arguments rose about various situations. At one point of time the liability of safe custody regarding bailment drew everybody’s attention.

  • Driver’s liability in third party accident and partial delivery of goods & its payment after stipulated time period were highlighted.

  • Students raised many queries about general legal issues such as legal heir & nominee and no-claim-bonus.

  • The situations that turn into Consumer cases regarding Flipcart, Vodafone and Airtel were also analyzed and almost all students spoke as they all got connected lively.

  • The case of negotiable instrument viz-a-viz SBI and AXIS as liable banks was also much appreciated and everybody apprehended to experience the similar situation.