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Research Paper Competition to be held during
January 27-28, 2011



Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET),Amity University one of the pioneer institutions in the field of Engineering, Research and Technology, is organizing it’s 2nd International IT Summit Confluence 2011 - The Next Generation Information Technology Summit on January 27-28, 2011.

This technical conference aims at providing a platform for industry, academia and students regarding advancements in research and development in Data Storage, Information and Compliance and its related fields. Confluence 2011 will bring together both researchers and practitioners from diverse fields. The scope of the conference is to give emphasis on the tremendous advances in the above mentioned areas, combined with the rapid evolution in information storage and information security in order to offer advanced services.

Confluence 2011 intends to bring together professionals, academics, industry experts, students, enthusiasts to discuss various emerging trends, innovation, share research results and new directions in the field of Data Storage, information and Compliance for Business Excellence.

In January 2010, we have successfully organized Confluence 2010 in which a number of distinguished industry-academia-researchers shared their experiences, innovatie ideas, and research results, thus creating a synergy of interests.

This is to cordially invite you to participate in the Conference. Following will be the tracks covering in the Confluence 2011.

Track 1 : Trends in Data Mining, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

    • Data Mining and Business Intelligence
    • Content Management
    • Information and Knowledge Management
    • Information & CRM

Track 2 : Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Data Centre

    • State of Art Data Centres
    • Intelligent Information Infrastructure
    • Cloud Computing
    • Data Optimization

Track 3 : Information Security and Management

    • Information Asset Management
    • Network Security & Cryptography
    • Security Protocol
    • Security Policies and Strategies

Track 4 : Web Security and Compliance

    • Cyber Threats & Security
    • Security Norms, Laws and Compliance
    • Software Security & Risk Management
    • Digital Rights Management