The mission of the AIMST is to equip the students with extraordinary skills for life, making them not just job seekers, but also job creators. Marine Science is a very fascinating subject that covers a wide variety of topics.

This institute aims for education, research and extension work.

Our objective is to educate young students in the area of marine science and technology. In this discipline, students get to learn the benefits of marine resources, especially in the areas of research, medicine and economics.

Students will also learn about the negative impacts of pollution and other anthropogenetic activity on marine environments. AIMST aims to give practical training to the students in various activities related with marine science.

Our research is focused on utilization and conservation of marine resources especially marine algae. Our mission is also to create awareness for the conservation of marine flora and fauna. Amity assists in developing interdisciplinary and professional skills in the graduate and postgraduate students along with imbibing ethical and moral values in them and to develop a core competency that enables individuals in their personal and professional growth