Founder Presidentís Message

The stability, integrity and development of a nation depend heavily on its youth, who have the desire and zeal to contribute to the country and its development. The youth in India forms a large majority of our population and many of them form the cadre of the unemployed educated due to paucity of jobs. At the same time there are many important fields in which experts and knowledgeable persons are relatively hard to find. If our youth is given the right training, direction, and opportunities for employment, or self-employment, many of these unemployed youths will become highly productive individuals contributing to the nation’s progress.

I believe that professional education and training are inseparable parts of employment opportunities in India. The educational institutions such as those of the Amity University believe in providing professional training and education in different areas of Forensic Sciences. In the field of Forensic Sciences, India needs a large number of trained scientists who can handle crime-scene investigations, analyze fingerprints and questioned documents, and deal with various aspects of blood analysis, poison analysis& examination of firearms so as to facilitate rendering of justice to the victim.

Through this institute and the courses that are being offered, the youth can become trained professionals in the concerned areas and get an opportunity to provide effective service to the society. Not only they get opportunity to get employed in the Forensic Science Laboratories, teaching &research institutions but also they can be self-employed by running their own forensic consultancy services.
In our country we have immense talents among the youth and all that is required is to guide and bring the best out of them. The AIFS, an institute of the Amity University endeavors to realize the potentials of these young talented people. The paramount thrust is to create a group of qualified, professionally trained, scientists in the different areas of Forensic Sciences, by blending the advanced knowledge of modern teaching tools of the West with the rich traditional values, culture and heritage of the East.

All this cannot be achieved without the support and guidance of all the help and goodwill that AIFS has been seeking and would be seeking in the academic areas and training programmes.

I congratulate all those who are part of this highly ambitious endeavor of AIFS and thank all those who have extended and continue to extend their valued support in achieving our mission.


Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan
President, Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences(AIFS) & Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF)
Chairman AKC Group of Companies



@2010 Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences