SAP About

Under the Study Abroad Programme (SAP), students can avail of the opportunity to study abroad in one of the SAP-Locations for a period of two months. The academic curriculum of SAP is world-class and has been formulated by some of the best faculty members in international arena. It provides an excellent platform to our students to exchange ideas and learning with foreign institutions. Students are provided with a number of opportunities for developing a holistic vision. The experience contributes immensely to building of management perspective, poise and a global outlook.

SAP- Locations
  • London
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Dubai
  • Singapore

SAP- Features
  • Industry visits and extensive project reports.
  • Excellent exposure, cross cultural orientation & sensitization on the foreign economies, societies, do's and don'ts etc
  • Special modules delivered by Industry experts and leading foreign faculty
  • Familiarization with industry dynamics and trends on a global scale

SAP- Photo Gallery

ACCF Students in Melbourne, Australia

Visit to Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne, Australia

RMIT University Campus, Melbourne, Australia

ACCF students attending session on Leadership

Farewell Ceremony at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

RMIT University Building, Melbourne, Australia

Visit to M/s Furnace Engineering, Melbourne, Australia as a part of Experiential Learning Project

Group activities conducted at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia