About Us

Mankind was oblivious of the fact that there could be a time when organizations around the globe would face an unprecedented challenge, In Circa 2020, the world experienced a life threatening pandemic which rattled the business world to the extent that their very survival was at stake. There were only a handful of organizations, which were able to face the onslaught, while majority of them were unable to insulate themselves and were left in a quandary. Many organizations went still, experienced closure, downfalls and failures while employees faced pay cuts and some even lost their jobs. In every sphere of business, in every organization, there were warriors who became victorious and there were martyrs who we lost on the way! There are also some very powerful stories of resilient employees and patient employers who in spite of facing losses, were empathetic.

Nevertheless, Circa 2020 also gave rise to new ways of doing business, with technology becoming the driver and taking charge from the front. In a matter of days, the organizations around the globe moved to the online platform and a very large section of employees was exposed to working from home, a forte, which was by far the norm for IT professionals. In brief there have been a few success stories, which have been told and documented, while there are many stories which never got heard! These success and failure stories need to be heard and shared as they can be treasure trove of insights for managing and rebooting the organizations to re-position the established ways and means of realizing the strategic intent and vision, in sync with contemporary organizational reality.

The Annual Case-Study Conference Renvoi-2020 aims to provide a platform to highlight such real life challenges and inter-subjective interpretations of people working in organized settings. Their reflections based on their experiences could range from profit-making ventures to non-profit making entities including NGOs, Social Activists, Entrepreneurs and Self-Help groups working in the areas of business management, education, social issues, technology and healthcare.