About Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineers are mainly focus on thermal engineering processes, mechanism of machines (kinematics and dynamics), designing of different type of machines and manufacturing of machines. Engineers design engines and modify them to increase the efficiency and performance and do the study of different type of power plants (thermal, hydro and nuclear) as well. The future of Mechanical engineering certainly offers a variety of opportunities for professionals entering the field. Amity is among best B. Tech colleges in Rajasthan whichequip students with the knowledge and skills related to the principles of mechanics, materials and energy to help them design as complex machines and devices of all kinds.  Additionally, the department offering the state of the art mechanical engineering course in Jaipur provides advanced course mainly based on Automation, Computer Numerical Control machines and Computer integrated Manufacturing. We are having the advanced machines like CNC Lathe Machine and CNC Milling Machine with all conventional machines and variety of engineering Machines.  

Job Prospects

Mechanical engineering is one of the top most career choices made by students in India. There are a lots of career opportunities in this field for young aspirants. Graduates from this field are mainly employed in manufacturing firms. Mechanical engineers can seek employment in private or public sector industries of various types. They can also find job in government departments such as DRDO, GAIL, NTPC, BHEL, Indian Oil, Tata Motors, HCL, and Infosys. Other sectors such as electronics, chemical, power plants, steel plants, agricultural, space research institutes, automobile and aeronautical as well as the railways, need mechanical engineers to design and maintain their machinery.

Contribution of Department

In addition to the above, Department of Mechanical Engineering organizes workshops, series of expert lectures from academia and industry subject experts. Moreover the department arranges the industrial Visits to enhance the practical skills. The department prepares & trained to students for Startup of execution of their own ideas to impart the entrepreneur qualities and capabilities.