Frequently Asked Questions
about Amity Global Study Programs

Amity Global Study Program (GSP) is a unique international lateral transfer program, where the students spend initial part of their program at Amity in India and the balance number of years of the degree at a University of their choice abroad.

This is facilitated through special Partnership agreements that Amity has with top foreign Universities to offer specific programmes in collaboration.

The final award of degree is from the chosen Foreign University at a fraction of the cost compared to studying for the entire duration abroad.

There is no difference in the associated benefits of the final degree when compared to the full time regular program.

Global Study Programs are gaining wider acceptability and are a popular choice for students to earn a foreign degree through a low cost, high value pathway.

If you are an explorer, a keen learner and an inquisitive student open to understanding cross cultural best practices; but may be on a limited budget and uncertain of the process – then Global Study Program is for you.

You are able to save on costs as nearly 50% of the program is conducted in India, where you will have access to the same quality education as your peers in the overseas University.

Moreover, you will have an added advantage of saving on housing, food, transport and other expenditures involved while living abroad.

Amity Global Study Programs are offered in different disciplines at undergraduate & postgraduate level.

The eligibility criterion & selection process for each of the programs is different and can be seen within the individual program application pages.

The application procedure is simple, transparent and fair. For details click here.

Yes every foreign university has its own entry requirements, eligibility criterion and application process. The general pre requirement of each partner university includes a minimum academic grade, no back papers and a minimum score of English proficiency test like IELTS.

However, since you will be applying through Amity, there is a special provision and the procedure is simplified and enabled by our dedicated team of councillors. They will help you in understanding all requirements from the beginning and will also guide you through the smooth transition of the entire process.

Generally students do not face such an exigency, as Amity has well-developed and customized curriculum. This, together with special attention that is given to each student from the beginning, enables students to be able to meet the academic qualifications, including GPA/CGPA and other required tests like IELTS/TOEFL.

However, in case a student does not obtain the necessary GPA or fails in semester exams, the student may reappear for the exam in the concerned subjects or repeat the semester to improve the performance so as to get international transfer.

We also give options to students to select subjects in summer semester which is specially offered as a chance to improve their CGPA and clear back papers.

No, there is no guarantee of admission in a foreign University as it is subject to fulfilment of eligibility conditions, academic credentials and other norms set by the concerned University, which issues a offer of admission after examining all the necessary conditions.

There may also be exigencies because of which rules of a country may change and entry of foreign students may become restricted.

Yes, students are allowed to choose the partner University and are given enough time to make this decision.

Frequent interactive sessions are organized with different Universities thus giving a chance to students to evaluate their choices carefully.

Amity is always very aggressively collaborating with the best International universities, hence the student will have access to those universities also with whom we partner after the admission process. This is subject to program, course structure and intake requirement of that partner foreign university.

Yes we have a nominal application fee. Please visit our admission section for more information.

Kindly refer to the individual programs to see the detailed fee structure.

Program structure is evolved after careful mapping of curriculum of Amity and that of foreign partner universities, which is at par with the international curriculum and are globally accepted by the foreign universities.

For the duration of the course you do with Amity University, the fee is as per the current Indian standards.

Once you are accepted on a course with the foreign university, you will need to pay its tuition fee as may be applicable at the time of joining.

As part of Amity's collaboration, which is also its unique feature, you are eligible for merit-based scholarships up to 50%. These are solely based on your academic performance before submitting the documents for lateral entry into the foreign partner university.

There are some special scholarships specific to Amity students as well.

Kindly contact the admission team for details of such scholarships.

The foreign university where the credits are transferred from Amity awards the final degree.

As per the norms of that foreign university/country, the degree is recognized all over the world and well accepted by almost all private sector & multinational companies.

Recognition and equivalence by Indian Govt. can be checked from Association of Indian Universities, which is the body responsible for recognizing foreign degrees.

Amity University is a member of the Association of Indian Universities and provides assistance in attestations of degrees.

Work rights and regulations vary from country to country.

Many countries allow part time work to the students under student work permit, which can be on and off campus for fixed hours and wages. Generally, this is 20 hours weekly during the running semester and 40 hours weekly during winter/summer holidays.

When you get accepted into the partner foreign university for a long-term duration, you are equivalent to the regular student of that university and hence all laws and guidelines as formulated by the government and administration of the country and the administration of that university are normally applicable on you.

Kindly refer to the detailed information on partner university's website or contact our international office for further details.

Post study work rights and regulations differ from country to country and time to time.

Many countries allow a Post Study Work (PSW) Visa for various durations for a student completing a full degree course in a country, If applicable, this can is a very good opportunity for a student who intends to look for an international placement.

However, it is always advised to check the current regulations, for which you should refer to the detailed information on partner university's website or contact our international office for further details.

All the universities have specific student support offices through which they help full time students in finding work opportunities.

In some cases, students are also eligible for OPT i.e. Optional Practical Training which enables them to do projects with good companies during the course of the program, ultimately resulting in creating better job opportunities.

Placements have to be earned by students and will always be dependent on local rules & regulations. Students with International exposure & experience definitely have an edge over others. They can demand good salary packages by earning & leveraging this potential.

Yes, once you are accepted into any of our programs successfully, you can apply student loans with all the leading banks based upon the admission letter that you get. Approval of these loans is subject to the policy of these banks. We have some banks on the campus that help in faster processing of these loans and with minimum documentation. Kindly meet our admission counsellor for more information and assistance.

Amity has guidelines and procedures in place to help students complete a recognized degree in case of exceptional circumstances of inability to go abroad.

Most foreign Universities give flexibility in choosing the intake of your choice. A student can request for the deferment of the session in case of special circumstances.

You are invited to refer to student testimonials and view the experiential photographs & videos uploaded on our website.

Amity provides unique opportunity to all its students to have a full experience of overseas environment through its Study Abroad Program, which enables a student to spend 5 intensive weeks at any destination of choice (USA, UK, France, Australia, Singapore, Dubai etc.), to understand the dynamics of foreign stay & study at very affordable cost.

Yes, all students have opportunity to undergo 4-6 weeks of foreign internship/project work during summer break. These options are available across various destinations as offered by foreign partner universities every year.

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