Theme:Cloud Computing, Data Science and Compliance for Business Excellence 
On SEPTEMBER 27-28, 2012 at Amity University Campus, Sec- 125, Noida


Cloud Computing will provide the scientific community a dedicated forum for discussing new research, development, and deployment efforts in running these kinds of scientific computing workloads on Cloud Computing infrastructures. This conference will focus on the use of cloud-based technologies to meet new compute intensive and data intensive scientific challenges that are not well served by the current supercomputers, grids and HPC clusters. Commercial public clouds provide easy access to cloud infrastructure for scientists. This, along with diverse challenges like – security, protection, management, etc has led the IT industry into an unknown territory. While the world grapples for the right solution to the challenge, Amity University invites you to “CONFLUENCE – The Next Generation Information Technology Summit” which focuses on strategies for ‘Cloud Computing and Data Science for Business Excellence’ While the world grapples for the right solution to the challenge, Amity University invites you to CONFLUENCE – The Next Generation Information Technology Summit focuses on strategies for “Cloud Computing, Data Science, Business Analytics, Information Security and Compliance for Business Excellence”. This summit shall witness leaders from various IT Organizations and Businesses discuss, deliberate and debate the various challenges posed by colossal amount of information being created everyday.


CONFLUENCE aims at bringing the leaders from IT Industry and diverse businesses to a common platform and accomplish the following:

  1. Exposing the audience to various approaches to the resolution of information management, security and compliance challenges in various business organizations
  2. Giving participants a peek review of the emerging technologies and their impact on the business
  3. Understanding the vision of leaders of IT and there perspective of grappling with the Information Management and Security challenges.
  4. Promoting and developing business competencies & entrepreneurship skills in the participants.


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