Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan
Founder President
Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF)
(The Foundation of Amity Institutions and the Sponsoring body of Amity Universities)

It is a matter of great pride that Ninth Amity Model United Nation Conference (AMIMUN'20) is being held from Friday, January 17 to Sunday, January 19 2020 at Amity University UP Noida campus with great zeal and exuberance from the participating students from different parts of the world. The event will witness brilliant students immersing their minds on real issues that the world faces today and deliberating in a simulating environment on how to come up with ideas to tackle those issues.
At Amity, the students are nurtured in an environment where they are encouraged to think analytically as future global leaders on matters that concern the country as well as the world and come up with their unique approaches and ideas to address the same. In this context, AMIMUN not only complement the mission of Amity but also further strengthen it by giving metaphorical glimpse of how United Nations functions and deliberate on critical global issues.
The world is at a cross road confronting many socio-economic challenges in the backdrop of rapid advancement in science & technology, such as climate change, poverty, health etc. Events such as AMIMUN not only sensitize students about these global challenges but give wings to their creativity and innovation and a platform to discuss these issues as diplomats representing members of the United Nations and simulate various committees of the United Nations. It is a rare opportunity where students get to test and hone their oratory skills, drafting skills and leadership skills as well as instill in them respect for other cultures.
I am confident that all the brilliant participants, from India as well as from diverse regions of the globe such as France, Britain, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Haiti, Abkhazia, Nepal and Uzbekistan would find AMIMUN'20 to be a convention where their unique talents and capabilities will contribute towards their professional growth, and would be important for learning that they are capable of creating a world where everyone can lead prosperous and fulfilling lives.
I convey my appreciation to Dr. Nitasha Hasteer, Chairperson, AMIMUN '20 & Deputy Director (Academics), ASET, AUUP and her very worthy team members namely Mr. Siddhant Treasure, Secretary General, AMIMUN'20, Mr. Aakarsh Shrivastava, Deputy Secretary General, AMIMUN'20, Mr. Karan Kanodia, Director General, AMIMUN'20, Mr. Sreerag Marar, Chef de Cabinet, AMIMUN'20, and the ever-supportive Organizing Committee and other brilliant students. I also compliment Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, AUUP, for all her support and guidance. Further, the continuous guidance and path-showing advice from our visionary Chancellor, Dr. Atul Chauhan has been greatly motivating and inspiring for ensuring the success of AMIMUN '20.
I welcome all the participants and wish them a pleasant stay at our campus. I am confident that they will cherish the uniqueness of this experience of the Amity Universe as they participate in AMIMUN'20. I wish AMIMUN'20 a great success.

Dr. Atul Chauhan
Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh & President, RBEF
Patron-in-Chief, AMIMUN'20

With the aim of promoting a spirit of discourse as a means of raising issues and conflict resolution, Amity University is organizing the Amity International Model United Nations (AMIMUN'20) from the 17th to the 19th of January, 2020 and will host brilliant minds from leading institutions. It is a conference that will provide a practical learning environment, the benefits of which can be significant in the journey of participating students who aspire to become leaders who will impact society in a positive way.
AMIMUN'20 will be a platform for the growth of the youth. As the leaders of tomorrow unite at this conference, they will hone their skills in leadership, teamwork, expository and persuasive writing, debating and negotiations, and learn the significance of these skills for personal development and a successful future.
I welcome the distinguished guests at AMIMUN'20 and am certain that they will serve as role models for the students participating in the Conference. The vast experience and inspiration expressed in their words will help the delegates realize the significance of skills such as strategic thinking and critical analysis as well as the importance of positivity, humility, and compassion in their journey to make a real difference in the world.
Owing to the efforts of the dedicated members of the organizing committee and the team of assiduous students, AMIMUN'20 promises to be a conference of high repute. I extend my best wishes for AMIMUN'20 to be a resounding success.

Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla
Professor - Entrepreneurship, Leadership and IT
Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh
Patron, AMIMUN'20

Keeping up with its ethos to provide integrated and trans-cultural quality education through a progressive approach, and expanding the horizons of knowledge, Amity presents AMIMUN'20 as a means to encourage interaction among students from across the globe and provide them the opportunity to take part in diplomatic discussions on compelling issues. I am delighted to welcome you to the ninth edition of the Amity International Model United Nations Conference to be held from January 17 - 19, 2020 at Amity University, Noida.
Since its inception in 2011, AMIMUN has helped participants to witness the extreme relevance of learning international affairs and understanding the working and significance of the United Nations. Peace-making, security, conflict prevention, social progress, better living standards and human rights are some of the numerous aspects that are emphasized to the youth at AMIMUN.
The theme for AMIMUN'20 is 'Audere est Facere', to ensure that the youth take charge and become leaders of tomorrow. At this international conference, we aim to expose students to a global perspective through a spark that will stir nations to come together and create a world where we find innovation and peaceful co-existence going hand in hand. This MUN will be a unique convention, with a multiplicity of delegates from various Institutions, which will give birth to a new generation of strong, confident and, above all, compassionate leaders.
I take this opportunity to convey my best wishes to the delegates and wish them a great learning experience as well as a pleasant stay at our campus. I am certain that the hard work and commitment of the organizing committee members and the Secretariat will make AMIMUN'20 a glorious success!

Prof. (Dr.) Alpana Kakkar
Deputy Dean Students' Welfare, AUUP
Mentor, AMIMUN'20

Amity International Model United Nations (AMIMUN'20) is the ninth edition being organized from Friday the 17th January to Sunday, 19th January 2020. AMIMUN has always stood for quality and with this edition the conference will reach new heights; as well as shape the youth of today, and in turn the future of tomorrow.
AMIMUN has focused on issues that have been globally relevant to each time period, consistently staying in accordance with the goals of the United Nations. It allows each participant to display their skills as debaters, photographers, reporters, administrators and good leaders while simultaneously providing them with an enriching intellectual experience.
By following the theme for AMIMUN'20 ‘Audere est facere' which is Latin for ‘To Dare is to Do', we wish to encourage the delegates to engage in debate that is thought-provoking and will yield forth solutions to the pressing issues in the world today. In the current scenario actions speak louder than words. Thus, it is when the youth begins to take bold decisions, that humanity itself progresses.
AMIMUN'20 is sure to be a conference wherein the minds of the delegates and IP will be challenged, helping delegates move closer to becoming the policymakers of tomorrow. It is my belief that AMIMUN'20 will be a resounding success with the diligent efforts put by the Secretariat and the Organizing Committee of AMIMUN'20.
With special thanks to the Patrons, Hon'ble Founder President, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan , dynamic Chancellor, Dr. Atul Chauhan and the guiding force behind AMIMUN's successful Legacy , Respected Vice Chancellor , Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla , for providing seamless support to AMIMUN in creating a successful record of eight editions and motivating for the ninth edition AMIMUN'20.
I welcome all the Delegates, Executive board members and other participants of AMIMUN'20 with a hope that you all will cherish the legacy of AMIMUN as always. Best Wishes!

Dr. Nitasha Hasteer
Dy. Director (Academics), Amity School of Engineering & Technology
Chairperson, AMIMUN'20

It is a privilege to welcome each participant to the ninth edition of the Amity International Model United Nations - AMIMUN'20 being organized from the 17th to the 19th January, 2020. AMIMUN has had a rich and proud history of focusing on issues meriting contemporary relevance, which have consistently been in sync with the leanings of the United Nations. This iteration of AMIMUN is being organized under the theme 'Audere Est Facere'. It is in the spirit of this theme that our conference strives to promote the type of change we need in the world, through encouraging delegates to take bold strides in the right direction. In times of great global discourse, the need of the hour is to inculcate a practice wherein the leaders of tomorrow, engage in creating smarter policies to send out ripples of change.
The remarkable growth of AMIMUN from the first edition to the ninth is both astounding and inspiring. AMIMUN'20 is sure to be an amalgamation of riveting debate, revolutionary ideas and individual growth. We have been fortunate in the massive support received from distinguished individuals across prominent spheres. We are honored to organize AMIMUN'20 in collaboration with esteemed organizations such as the United Nations Information Center for India and Bhutan (UNIC), and Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders).
We would like to extend gratitude to Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, our respected Founder President Sir for his vision that acts as a guiding light to our entire secretariat. We are indebted to Dr. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor AUUP, Patron- in- Chief AMIMUN'20, for providing us with an excellent platform to host such a grand event and to Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, AUUP and Patron, AMIMUN'20 for being a pillar of strength to us.
To every student who is participating as delegate or reporter, I would like to say that at AMIMUN'20, like all other initiatives at Amity, we would prepare you to lead for a better tomorrow. With heartfelt appreciation, I commend the efforts of secretariat, organizing committee and all the volunteers of AMIMUN'20, who have worked hard to drive this conference towards becoming an educational platform with great learning. Best Wishes!