Yash Bhati

MUNs are a medium for people to come together and think of the world beyond themselves and their immediate surroundings, to look at issues affecting the world community and to deliberate the possibilities of the future. MUNs have played an integral role in developing who I am as an individual by broadening my horizons and improving my soft skills, and that is something which every delegate takes away from such a conference. I got associated with AMIMUN in my first year of engineering. Since then, doing it year after year has only made my connection stronger. The friendships, lessons learnt and progress achieved throughout this period are very important to me. I hope that the conference raises it's standards in each iteration, providing the best of experiences to the people and forming everlasting bonds between those involved.

Deviena Shrivastava
Alumnus, Amity University
Field Marketing Specialist, Redbull India pvt.

AMIMUN is simply not just another MUN. Apart from being an integral part of my life, it is a platform where people raise opinion and have the courage to voice them. For me a MUN brings lot of positive changes into the society simply because you learn and re learn from each other. Just like it's previous editions, Amimun team aims in providing with the best experience to each participant so that they can better their thought processing and be a part of the better world. I have no doubt that AMIMUN 20 will be an absolute delight for all the esteemed delegates !

Satrajit Sahani
Alumnus, Amity University
PGDM, Goa Institute of Management, India

Now in its ninth year, AMIMUN has grown leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings in 2011. Delegates from all over India and abroad, will engage in well-directed debates in any one of our seven committees which are being simulated this year. I expect AMIMUN 2020 to leave a lasting impression on your hearts and minds long after the conference comes to an end. It is indeed my honour and privilege to welcome you all to the 8th edition of Amity International Model United Nations Conference, 2020.