Dear Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan,
Super Congratulations to you for the success of Youth Power.
I cannot express in words, with what amazing sense of pride and respect I am writing this. Thank you for believing in me and making me able enough to contribute to such a great initiative as Youth Power, undertaken by you to sensitize the youth towards social issues.
Ma'am, I believe you must be aware of the impact you have been able to create through your leadership but I must tell the picture you are painting is way more beautiful than your imagination. India, currently is standing at such a position where it needs leaders who are determined, devoted, empathetic and committed to bring the change and build a nation which is inclusive, equally progressive and harmonious. I was extremely inspired and amazed to see the process that a prestigious institute like Amity under your leadership has designed such a program to identify and channelise the power of ‘You’ to build leaders who are value driven, impact creators and change makera. Ma’am, the program has not only channelised the power of young adolescents, but the design and structure of program has so beautifully allowed the leaders to engage all the stakeholders, citizens of all groups irrespective of their social, economical and professional background to participate, contribute and get impacted.
Moreover, I would like to congratulate you for having built the team and young leaders who trust your vision and strive towards making it powerful enough through their wise actions, driving ‘The Change’ so brilliantly. From choosing the topics so diverse to ensuring holistic development, to helping leaders interact with think tanks and do ground check, their every step and action is leading to a ripple effect.
Ma'am, we truly need more leaders like you.
More power to you!

Karina Bhasin,
Community Engagement Lead, Even Cargo & Delhi OYE
Jury member, Youth Power 2018-19

The whole show was brilliant and flowed so effortlessly one into the other wearing a beautiful tapestry of colour and culture. A memorable ode to our country and people. And of course the hard work and dedication of the school, children and teachers stood out. All the very best & continue the good work.

Madhu Sajjanhar

The entire show was very nicely choreographed. The collage of Gurudev Tagore was very appealing. In a short span of ten years, the school has achieved laurels in diverse fields. Congrats and keep it up.

Saroja Vaidhyanathan

Wonderful experience for me. I thank you for giving me this opportunity

D. Androw

It was a pleasure to be a part of this event. The entire programme was very well organized

Namita Mathur

Awesome show put up by the children. It was very inspiring.

Mohan Dar

Annual day was outstanding. Congratulation to the Principal and the teachers.


Dear Madam congratulations for the Annual day. Am writing this mail from the auditorium itself. I could not resist to congratulate the children on depiction of woman empowerment. It was a commendable act. It really touched the hearts and connected the audience. Tears rolled in the eyes of many. Kudos to the children !

Geet Sahitya Dulam

Thank you for a fantastic experience, a Stupendous performance and unforgettable evening. The performances will continue to reverberate in our minds, heads and hearts for a long time to come. It has been most interesting and inspiring. My best wishes and blessing to all the children for a bright, safe, secure and prosperous future. I applaud and salute Amita Chauhan, Chairperson far her leadership and vision in making Amity the Best Institution in the country. Good Luck & God Bless !!

Ashok Sajjanhar