Holistic education is identified as one of the core values of the school. Holistic education reflects the education of the whole child. The focus is on the fullest development of the person. It emphasises education of the students not just through an academic curriculum but beyond the confines of the classroom as well.

At Amity, we want our students to:

  • Develop healthy relationships and positive social behaviours
  • Acquire leadership skills
  • Connect with their community
  • Improve their emotional and physical health and well-being
  • Pursue creative and artistic endeavours

Holistic development implies that students will look at their school and the myriad of opportunities available to them not in isolation or as separate parts but as a single entity – in its totality. The best way we can support students with holistic development is to offer a wide assortment of activities outside the classroom and to encourage them to participate in ones that meet their interests and needs.