Co-curricular activities (CCAs) earlier known as Extracurricular Activities (ECA) are the components of non-academic curriculum which helps to develop various facets of the personality development of the students. For all-round development of the child, there is a need of emotional, physical, spiritual and moral development that is complemented and supplemented by Co-Curricular Activities.

Importance and benefits of Co-Curricular Activities

  • CCA develop the values like physical, psychological, Ethical, academic, civic, social, aesthetic, cultural recreational and disciplinary values
  • Activities like participation in game debates, music, drama, etc., help in achieving overall functioning of education.
  • It enables the students to express themselves freely through debates.
  • Games and Sports helps them to fit and energetic to the child.
  • Helps to develop the spirit of healthy competition.
  • These activities guide students how to organize and present an activity, develop skills, co-operate and co-ordinate in different situations and develop leadership quality.
  • It provides the avenues of socialization, self-identification and self-assessment, when they come in contact with organizers, fellow participants, teachers, people outside the school during cultural activity.
  • Inculcate the value to respect others view and feeling.
  • It makes them perfect in decision making.
  • It develops a sense of belongingness.