Scholarships being awarded on Founder's Day

With the aim of encouraging and appreciating the meritorious students, Amity has institutionalized various scholarships across diverse age groups.

  • For Classes V-VIII: The top 5 students of each class among all sections, scoring 90% and above are eligible for scholarships.
  • Classes IX & X: There are no scholarships for Classes IX & X; though there are certificates/trophies for CGPA 10 holders.
  • For Class XI: Students scoring 85% and above, are eligible for scholarship. A student who has achieved CGPA 10 in both IX & X and has been receiving scholarship for 4 consecutive years before that, becomes eligible for Founder 's Trophy and Scholarship in class XI, and the badge of such a student displays 7 stars.
Students receive recognition for excellence in annual prize distribution

With the objective of inspiring students to excel and outshine their own performance, the school has instituted several awards and prizes. Awards provide the much required boost to confidence, besides being a joyous celebration of a student's efforts. Awards and accolades provide a great impetus to keep performing consistently while at the same time, they serve as inspiration to many others to reach the zenith of their capabilities.

Amity follows a system of comprehensive evaluation throughout the year to identify talented students:

  • Awards are given to all students who showcase exemplary performance in their class, section wise. These prizes are usually given away in class wise prize distribution ceremonies.
  • Special Awards are given to those achievers who have excelled in scholastic and co-scholastic activities including public speaking, international competitions, art, dance, music, computer activities, sports, etc. These meritorious students are awarded during Founder's Day or Annual Day celebrations.
  • Scholar Badges are also given to children who score 90% marks and above, in academics.
Besides these, there are more avenues for awards:

  • Every subject topper gets a trophy and a certificate.
  • Trophies and certificates are given for non- academic subjects as well.
  • Trophies and certificates are awarded to students achieving CGPA 10 in class IX & X.

Little geniuses in the Annual Prize Distribution

Annual Day Special Awards: These prestigious awards are given for exemplary performance of a student and his or her contribution to the school. This prestigious award is usually given to the students of the senior most class.

Special awards instituted by the school:

  • Vedavati Vidya Lankar Shield: This is awarded to the student who makes the best effort to adopt the great Indian heritage, culture and values.
  • Late Baljeet Shastri Shield: This is conferred to the best all rounder student, be it academics, sports and co curricular activities.
  • Dhananjay Mohan Cup: This is awarded for creativity and innovation in Science.
  • Europe India Foundation Cup for Distinction in Sports: This is for sportsmanship and best achievement in the field of sports.
  • Chairperson's Appreciation Award: This is given in appreciation to any outstanding achievement during the academic year.
  • Founder's Cup: This is awarded to the academic toppers of Class XII.

Students receive excellence awards on Founder's Day