Guidance & Counselling

Students being taught public speaking and conversational skills
Guidance provided through activity

The Career Guidance & Counseling Cell of the school helps students to explore and clarify issues related to their academic and personal life, like time management, concentration, peer pressure, sibling rivalry, etc. At the same time, it helps students in developing resources and coping strategies in order to deal with their problem areas. The department not only encourages students to discuss their problems and seek solutions, but also conducts regular workshops to help students understand themselves better, identify their strengths, overcome their limitations and set realistic goals. The main focus of the department is to help students to develop a positive outlook towards life.

Child Counselling:

In the competitive world that we live in, the focus is on achievement. However, achievements do not come alone; they are accompanied by competition, expectations and responsibilities. Children are not only expected to do well in studies, but also in co-curricular activities. Sometimes, expectations put them under immense pressure which they find difficult to deal with. Child guidance and counseling is needed for enabling the children to cope with their challenges.

Parental Counselling:

Parents have a lot of expectations from their children. To help them deal with their children in a positive manner, the counselors provide parental counseling.

Counselling workshops for parents and students

Career Counselling:

Career counseling is intended to help the students in selecting a course of study as per their interest, aptitude and strengths which can lead them to good colleges, thereby helping them to build a successful career. Trained professionals guide the students in the right direction.
An amazing and comprehensive career counselling programme for class X students is organized organized by Amity Career Counselling and Guidance Cell in coordination with Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences for all the students.

Aptitude Tests undertaken by the children are followed by individual career counselling. Career fairs are also organized to help students and parents know about emerging careers.

Career counseling workshops for students