There are plenty of opportunities available in this field, one can be a Research Scientist, Teacher, Marketing manager, Science Writer, Quality Control Officer or Production in-charge in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry, Analyst (Venture-Capitalist) Environmental / Safety Specialist etc.

As the course in emphasizing on industrial, environmental, microbial biotechnology the students can easily be absorbed in various:

  • Enzymes, pharmaceutical industries,
  • Food and food products industries,
  • Beverages industry,
  • Research laboratories engaged in microbial analysis, molecular biology,
  • Waste water assessment,
  • Clinical and environmental assessment and
  • Control works.

Placement and corporate interaction

Name of Programme enrolled

Name of the Student

Organization Placed in

Salary Offered

M.Sc by Research Mr. Abhishek Sharma SDS Life Sciences Pvt. Ptd., Gurgaon 3,00,000/-
Ms. Aakriti Gupta IITR, Lucknow 3,48,000/-
Ms. Neha Sharma IARI, New Delhi 3,84,000/-
Ms. Shraddha Jain IARI, New Delhi 1,98,000/-
Ms. Srishty Gupta GD Research Centre, Hyderabad 3,55,000/-
Ms. Himanshi Dixit Innodata India Pvt. Ltd., Noida 2,70,000/-
  Mr. Keshav Tiwari National Institute For Plant Biotechnology (ICAR) 3,79,440/-
  Ms. Purva IARI (Divison of Biochemistry) 3,90,000/-