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Workshop cum Hands on Training on Microbial Contaminants

5-7th July 2017
4-6th July 2018


Workshop bytes

“It was a great experience. I have learnt many techniques”- Aditi Dubey
“It has helped me to have the basic understanding of how we practically perform the procedure”- Harleen Kaur
“It helped me understand the practical aspects of theory learnt and gave me a hands on experience that was amazing”- Madhulika Pathak
“All the practicals which we have done have also helped in our academic also”- Sourabh Chauhan
“It was helpful in increasing the knowledge and enhancing the handling during the course of the experiment”- Deepanshu
“Through this workshop I learnt techniques such as DNA Isolation, PCR and electrophoresis which I feel would help me”- Akshita Chhabra CV Raman fellows
“Working at AIMB under CV Raman fellowship will be helpful in the development of practical knowledge as well as new experiences in the field of research in microbial biotechnology”- Emili
“Research work done at AIMB enhanced my knowledge and practical skills which will be helpful in generation of innovative ideas”- Gad Elsayed