About Us

About us :

Amity Institute of Microbial Biotechnology was established in the year 2008. Microbes are essential tools in biotechnology, genetics, molecular biology and nanotechnology. Different molecular methods are used for estimating extent of microbial diversity of natural microbial communities, establishing principles and applications in industrial use. Keeping in view the close association of molecular biology and microbial systems, the main objective of the institute is to provide a balanced and comprehensive knowledge of the basic as well as applied sciences related to Microbial Biotechnology and to develop understanding of the intriguing issues related to involvement of microbes in environment and life system. AIMB is poised to develop multifaceted academically strong students in order to make them competent for future, academic or industrial pursuits.

AIMB puts great emphasis on quality research, on projects having applied potential and is also looking forward to a successful industry-institute liaison. The institute has hosted international fellows (CV Raman-FICCI) to complete their research work with publication. AIMB has international collaboration with National Changwon University (South Korea) which involves student exchange programme every year. The students exchange process take place towards the end of first year for one month and the students are also offered to complete six-month dissertation at CNU. It is also engaged in collaboration with national institutes like NPL, IGIB, NBAIM and IARI as a part of PhD programme and dissertation of M.Sc by Research.

AIMB has the following areas of research:
  1. Isolation, identification and characterization of micro-organisms.
  2. Application of microbes and their consortium in biodegradation and bioremediation.
  3. Biosynthesis of metal nanoparticles using microbes and plant extracts.
  4. Production of microbial enzymes and their industrial applications.
  5. Development of metagenomic libraries from unexplored ecosystems.
  6. Microbial enzymology
  7. Nanotechnology
  8. Waste Management

The institute offers PhD in Microbial biotechnology (Full time and part time) and M.Sc by research programme. In M.Sc by research programme students will be provided invaluable global exposure to widen their horizon of thoughts in research and innovation.

Faculty achievements

Dr. Smitha MS was recognized as organizing committee members in World Congress on Biotechnology-2017” held at JNU, New Delhi by Endling Conferences.

Prof. (Dr.) Rajni Singh has guided two CV Raman fellows.

Prof. (Dr.) Rajni Singh was awarded Gold medal for outstanding contribution and recognition in the field of Botany by Society of recent development in agriculture (2016).

Prof (Dr.) Rajni Singh have received International travel grant from DST and INSA for presenting in conference in USA and Greece.

Prof (Dr.) Rajni Singh was awarded session chair at 3rd International Conference on Nanostructured Materials and Nanocomposites (ICNM 2015).

Prof (Dr.) Rajni Singh is on the editorial panel of International Journal of Microbiology Research.

Prof (Dr.) Rajni Singh is the treasurer and organizing secretary of AMI Noida Unit.

Prof (Dr.) Rajni Singh is the reviewer of various national and international reputed journals.

Prof (Dr.) Rajni Singh is listed in “2000 outstanding intellectuals of the 21st century”, published in Britain and in Morquis Who’s Who list in 2011.

Prof (Dr.) Rajni Singh was awarded session chair in International Conference on Biotechnology and Food Science (ICBFS 2010).

Faculty members have attended various International/National conferences for presenting their research.

Institute has completed 8 projects funded by various government agencies (DRDO, SERB, MoE) and presently running projects sanctioned by DST and ICAR.


Student’s achievement

Ms. Swati Tyagi, Ms.Neha Sharma and Ms. Purva of M.Sc by Research have cleared ARS-NET.

Ms. Purva has given oral presentation on “Reverse vaccinology: A novel approach in diminishing the potent infections” at World Biotechnology Congress (2017) and has published one chapter in “Emerging trends and developments in Beverage science” (Elsevier publications).

Mr. Keshav Tiwari of M.Sc by Research won 3rd Position in Olympiad on Russian Language at Cultural Department of the Russian Federation (2017)

Ms.Srishty Gupta, Ms.Shivalika Pokhriyal, Ms.Swati Tyagi and Ms.Sanyukta Singh of M.Sc by Research have been selected for one month training (July-August 2016) at National Changwon University, South Korea.

Ms.Sanyukta Singh got the 1st prize for poster presentation at National agricultural research and innovation conference on balanced fertilization (Agricon 2016).

Ms.Shivalika Pokhriyal has completed her six month research training in National Changwon University, South Korea.

Mr.Sachin Badaiya, PhD student is doing joint PhD programme in National Changwon University, South Korea with complete financial assistance.