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Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management (AICISM) runs two unique management programs for aspirants for the world of business. MBA (Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management),or MBA (CI & SM) and BBA (Business Development) or BBA (BD)

The Learning Objectives focus on application of Competitive Intelligence (CI) to:
  • Examine best practices for competitive advantage
  • Develop skills to identify strengths, weaknesses, and future strategic intentions of our major competitors
  • Comprehend the ways to scan the environment in identifying the threats of non-traditional players and new entrants in key markets
  • Anticipate the effect of new technologies on our business
  • Act on emerging legislative or regulatory changes that could have a significant impact on customers, products, and services
  • Review Merger & Acquisition or Joint Venture activity that might be on the horizon and what are its implications for a company's products and services
  • Use CI for effective negotiations.
  • Use specific tools and techniques to correlate and compare company performance with internal and external environment
  • Understand and use digital and non-digital social networks to advantage
  • Research on people who may be future collaborators or employers

Overview of our Programs

Business Analytics and the development of possible scenarios is becoming the key for success. AICISM is presently the only Management Institute in India that offers this specialization. In addition to the core courses that are studied in all Management Programs, AICISM has specialized courses for design and implementation of Strategy through Competitive Intelligence, Scenario Planning and Business Wargaming. Some examples:

Post Graduate Courses
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Corporate Warfare: Principles and Practices
  • Competitive Early Warning and Risk Control
  • Business Wargaming and Scenario Planning
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • International Finance and Forex Management
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Financial Engineering

Graduate Courses
  • Fundamentals of Competitive Intelligence
  • Global Sourcing for Business Development
  • Public Relations and Corporate Image
  • Corporate Warfare for Business Development
  • Competitive Intelligence-applications in Business
  • Fundamentals of Business Wargaming and Scenario Planning

Businesses greatest assets are the sharp minds of their employees, their analyzing skills and their ability to make effective decisions. Competitive Intelligence is increasingly important for success. The more obvious techniques have been codified but new developments are constantly taking place.

Dr. Ashok K Chauhan