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The programs are designed to impart the required knowledge and skills to become effective managers at the entry or middle levels in any industry, across both manufacturing and services sectors. Our special attention is towards marketing and financial data and analytics for designing effective strategies for growth and sustenance of the business. Both these functions are the key differentiators for success in today's dynamic business arena.

Program Focus

Students of AICISM develop special skills in the following disciplines:

The Learning Objectives focus on application of Competitive Intelligence (CI) to:
  • Strategies and Tactics for success in dynamic business environment.
  • Data Management, Visualization and Forecasting Analytics
  • Early Warning and Risk Management
  • Financial Forensics.
  • Investment Management
  • Industry Analysis, Scenario Planning and War Gaming.
  • Scanning the Environment for Informed Decision Making.

  • Financial data processing and knowledge management
  • Statistical inference and dynamic modeling on financial data
  • Financial data modeling
  • Usage of Big Data for Business Analytics and Decision Making
  • Development and Application of Decision Support Systems
  • Financial analytics project management

Globally, business has become differentiated and dynamic. New industries and market segments emerge overnight, whilst older industries and segments suddenly disappear. Small firms aided by technology and opportunities appear as dominant firms, while established ones may quietly fade away from the scene. These conditions require a deep, intense, and flawless study of the environment; both external and internal. This is facilitated by the combination of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management.


Whether you are in sales, marketing, finance, operations, manufacturing or, HR, or are the CEO of a company, CI & SM will help you to: -

Post Graduate Courses
  • Deal with the uncertainties in today's environment.
  • Improve planning and decision making.
  • Enhance early warning and forecasting of competitive threats.
  • Manage and reduce risk.
  • Anticipate moves by competitors and establish suitable strategies.