Welcome to the Student Food Leftover Competition, hosted by Team India, where the art of cooking meets Global Impact. Our mission is simple yet powerful: tackle food waste by transforming leftovers into mouthwatering dishes.

We're a team passionate about making a difference on a global scale. Through this competition, we aim to harness the power of innovative recipes and the reach of Instagram-based reels to spread awareness about reducing food waste.

What sets us apart? We challenge participants to craft new, inventive recipes using leftovers as the hero ingredient. It's not just about creating delicious meals; it's about showcasing how a small change in our kitchens can make a big impact on the planet.

Join us in this gastronomic adventure. Show us your skills, share your creativity through Instagram reels, and be part of a movement that turns leftovers into delectable delights. Together, let's make a difference, one recipe at a time.

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Amity International Business School (India) and Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom) are proud to be awarded the Association of Commonwealth Universities 'Higher Education and the SDG Challenge Grants' Fund 2023 to run this competition across United Kingdom and Indian universities.

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This competition is open to ANY student at ANY University in the India (it does not matter what subject you study, or your level - you just need an email address).

Note : Individual or Group participation is allowed, Maximum 4 members a team is permitted.

About Competition

The Challenge: Create a mouthwatering dish using leftover ingredients! But here is the twist – you have got to present it in a snappy 1-minute video, Reel style!

Video Guidelines: Craft a dynamic, engaging 60-second Reel that captures your journey from leftover ingredients to a delectable dish. Show off your creativity, cooking process, and the transformation of leftovers into a culinary masterpiece

Judging Criteria

Judging Process Simplified:

1. Expert Review:

  • A group of knowledgeable judges will carefully look at each entry based on creativity, originality, and following guidelines.
  • They'll give scores to rate the submissions.

2. Instagram Likes:

  • After the deadline, all entries will be posted on Instagram.
  • Everyone gets a say! The more likes an entry gets, the higher its score.

3. Combining Scores:

  • We'll take the average of judges' scores and Instagram likes for each entry.
  • This way, we consider both expert opinions and what the crowd likes.

4. Announcing Winners:

  • The results will reveal the entries that impressed both the judges and the Instagram audience.
  • Winners will be praised for standing out in both areas.

Judges will be looking for: -

  • Originality and palatability of the recipe
  • Innovative and genuine use of leftovers/commonly wasted food
  • Simplicity and presentation
  • Creativity: participants should innovatively repurpose the leftovers. they should be using unique combinations or methods to transform the ingredients
  • Resourcefulness: contestants should use a variety of leftover ingredients effectively. Bonus points for utilizing a wider range of leftovers.

We recommend focusing your video/photo presentation on showing that it is a genuine and innovative use of leftover/commonly wasted food. The judges' decisions will not be influenced overtly by 'digital expertise', but rather how your dish demonstrates reducing food waste in action!


Submissions can be made by uploading your photo series or video file to our  Google Form  .

Winners will get prize money with the Certificate and Momento.

  • 1st position – 10,000 rupees
  • 2nd position – 7,000 rupees
  • 3rd position - 5,000 rupees
  • Only participation certificates will be given to non-winners

Note- Certificates And Momento will be delivered to the address of winners, and non-winners will get softcopy of Certificate.

The Small Print (small but important!)

  • This competition adheres to Instagram promotional guidance. It is not endorsed by Instagram. 
  • All submissions must adhere to Instagram policies.
  • Any submissions which do not adhere to the entry information will not be considered.
  • Unlimited entries are allowed but only one prize will be awarded per entrant 
  • You can submit a photo series and/or a video but only ONE entry can be selected per prize winner. 
  • The competition will close at MIDNIGHT GMT on 29th February, 2024

Students Blog Spot

Students Blog Spot

Welcome to the Student Blogspot section, an intellectual haven within the Student Food Leftover Competition website. Here, innovation and insight converge through a collection of vibrant content:

Discover Posters adorned with captivating designs, visually communicating innovative approaches to combat food waste. Delve into engaging Blogs, where recipes, tips, and personal anecdotes intertwine to inspire culinary creativity with leftovers. Unearth Innovative Ideas, a treasure trove of out-of-the-box solutions driving sustainability in reducing food waste. Engage with Research Papers that delve into the depth of scientific exploration, examining the impact and solutions surrounding food waste reduction.

This dynamic space fosters creativity, knowledge sharing, and transformative ideas—a testament to our collective commitment to culinary innovation and sustainable practices. Join us in exploring and contributing to a world where creativity meets sustainability in the kitchen.


Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh

Group Vice Chancellor , Amity Education Group

Prof. Gurinder Singh is an accomplished academic and industry leader with over 26 years of experience in institutional building, teaching, consultancy, research, and industry. He holds a prestigious Doctorate and Post Graduate degree from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. As Group Vice Chancellor of Amity Universities and Director General of Amity Group of Institutions, he has spearheaded the establishment of various campuses globally. Prof. Singh has also served as CEO of a renowned industrial group, gaining valuable industry insights. He is a renowned international speaker and recognized professor in Management, known for his expertise in International Business.

Dr. Zubin D'souza

Principal and Dean for Culinary at the Indian School of Hospitality

Dr. Zubin D'souza, Ph.D., CHA, CFBE, is the Principal and Dean for Culinary at the Indian School of Hospitality. With a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, he is a seasoned Executive Chef, skilled in catering, menu costing, culinary skills, and menu development. Dr. D'souza is also an accomplished author and TEDx speaker. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary from the Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development (OCLD), showcasing his commitment to culinary excellence and professional development.

Kaajal Chhibber,


Kaajal Chhibber is a marketing professional with extensive corporate experience and a strong background in education. She is also the Managing Trustee of SATHEE FOUNDATION, an NGO dedicated to improving the lives of slum dwellers in NCR. Kaajal has received numerous awards for her exemplary social work, and under her leadership, SATHEE FOUNDATION runs various programs focused on education, skill development, nutrition, healthcare, and menstrual hygiene. Her dedication to social welfare underscores her commitment to making a positive impact on society.