Centre for Medical Biotechnology

Dr. Deepshikha Pande Katare

Designation :  Centre Head / Asst. Director / Professor

Area of Interest :  Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; Metabolic Engineering, Proteomics In Drug Discovery & Disease Diagnosis, Novel drug delivery systems.

Dr. Seema Bhatnagar

Designation :  Professor and Assistant Director

Area of Interest :  Syntheis of novel heterocyciv, carbocyclic molecules that preferentially target functionally important sites in receptor. The two main receptors currently under investigation are Estrogen receptor and PI3K isoforms. These molecules have the potential to function as small molecule inhibitors for the receptors.

Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Designation :  Professor

Area of Interest :  Molecular mechanisms regulating oxidative stress in human cancers with special focus on prostate, cervical, oral and hematopoietic malignancies using genomic, proteomic and systems biology approaches

Role of redox homeostasis in plant biotic and abiotic stresses in brassica species using redox proteomics

Dr. Girish Sharma

Designation :  Professor

Dr. Sudeep Bose

Designation :  Professor

Area of Interest :  Cancer Biology (Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of cancer Progression)

Dr. Kumud Bala

Designation :  Professor

Area of Interest :  Immunology and Cancer Biology

Dr. V. Pooja

Designation :  Professor

Area of Interest :  Antimycotics and drug suseptibility.

Dr. Nahid Siddiqui

Designation :  Assistant Professor

Area of Interest : To ascertain the possibility of oxidative damage to the erythrocytes during aging in humans by measuring the cytosolic antioxidant enzyme.

Dr. Nidhi Srivastava

Designation : Associate professor

Area of Interest : Study on angiogenesis and its biomarkers in different pathological conditions.

Dr. Rachana Sahney

Designation :  Associate Professor

Area of Interest :  Development of electrochemical Biosensor for Cancer biomarkers. (DBT) under fund transfer process

Dr. Rajashree Das

Designation :  Associate Professor

Area of Interest :  My research interest is on the molecular analysis of cag pathogenicity island of Helicobacter pylori strains. My thesis research focused on cag pathogenicity island and molecular analyses of Helicobacter pylori, to gain insights into the interplay between the virulent genes and disease outcome and also contributed importantly to our elucidation of mechanisms of susceptibility and resistance to metronidazole, a critical component of combination therapies that are used against Helicobacter pylori. My present research is focused on the role of Helicobacter pylori on Gastro esophageal reflux disease and high rate of gastric cancer in north east India.

Dr. Madhumita P. Ghosh

Designation :  Associate Professor

Dr. Sarika Saxena

Designation :  Associate Professor

Area of Interest :  Effect of Natural Molecular Crowding on Nucleic Acid Structure and its Stability: Biophysical and Biochemical Approach.

Dr. Navkiran Kaur

Designation :  Associate Professor

Area of Interest :  The simplistic view of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases has been redefined by more complex concept of ongoing inflammatory responses. Biomarkers have gained immense scientific and clinical value and interest being potentially useful along the whole spectrum of the disease process. The detailed understanding of these molecules has been considerably advanced during the last decade. Advances in genomics, proteomics and molecular pathology have generated many candidate biomarkers with potential clinical value. Our interest is to understand the change in molecular events due to altered expression of various proteins during diseased conditions and correlate the findings with the clinical outcome of the associated disease.

Dr. Sohini Singh

Designation :  Associate Professor

Area of Interest :  My research interest lies in evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and many others on drug or heavy metal induced toxicity.

Dr. Ruchi Jakhmola

Designation :  Assistant Professor

Area of Interest :  Bioinformatics, Protein Structure Modeling, Neurodegenerative diseases, Toxicological Studies and Drug Design.

Dr. Biswajit Saha

Designation :  Professor

Area of Interest : 

  1. Medicinal and Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  2. Heterocyclic Chemistry
  3. Combinatorial Chemistry and Exploration of the interface between Chemistry and Biology through target Oriented Approach for making Biologically Significant Molecules.

Dr. Rajpal Srivastav

Designation :  Assistant Professor Grade-III

Area of Interest : 

  1. DNA Replication Biology, Cancer Therapeutics, Microbial Genomics and Proteomics

Dr. Devalina Ray

Designation :  Assistant Professor

Area of Interest : 

  1. Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal and Natural product Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Cancer Research

Dr. Mahjabin

Designation :  Assistant Professor II

Area of Interest : 

  1. Plant Biochemistry, seed biochemistry,Plant physiology.

Dr Priyanka Chhabra

Designation :  Assistant Professor II

Area of Interest :  Drug development and delivery, Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, wound healin

Dr Surbhi Sinha

Designation :  Assistant Professor-I

Area of Interest : Algal bioremediation, Algal biodiesel production, wastewater treatment, Dyes and heavy metal toxicity, Nano bioremediation\

Dr. Shefali Gola

Designation :  Assistant Professor - III

Area of Interest : Toxicology

Dr. Arindam Pramanik

Designation :  Assistant Professor II

Area of Interest : Cancer nanomedicine, Drug Targeting, Anticancer peptides, Tumor imaging, Antimicrobial agents

Dr. Banashree Bondhopadhyay

Designation :  Assistant Professor 2

Dr. Shruti Khanna Ahuja

Designation :  Assistant Professor 2