About Amity University

Amity University Noida is India’s top ranked non- profit private university established through state legislature, with powers to award degrees. Amity University has been awarded the covered ‘A’ rating by National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC). Testimonies to Amity’s quest for world-class education are the various prestigious national and international recognitions. Very recently, Amity received the Indian Education Award 2012 (the National Education Awards) for the best non-profit private University in India.

About Amity Institute of Anthropology

Amity Institute of Anthropology is dedicated at educating and conducting research on the diversity of the world’s contemporary cultures and to raise awareness concerning cultural and biological diversity , and the significance of this knowledge to their lives. To give students more exposure to latest development in the field of Applied Anthropology, AIA focuses in providing students with a comprehensive, trans –disciplinary training in the various aspects of human beings.


Artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector. As AI simulates human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions, it is imperative to study machine behaviour in a new ecosystem to analytically investigate how artificial agents interact with human beings, their environments and each other. In light of this, this face-to-face workshop is conceptualized to understand the application of Artificial intelligence on our society, culture and health. The prime purpose of this workshop is to understand how AI is benefitting and impacting the society. Since the next wave of economic growth globally will be led by AI, this would be a key economic driver of our nation. Thus, the need of hour is to understand the application of Artificial Intelligence across various disciplines.

Objective of the Workshop

To enhance the knowledge about artificial intelligence and comprehensive applications and to help understand the relationship between people and artificial intelligence To comprehend the importance of venturing into the study of machine behavior in a new ecosystem to methodically investigate how artificial agents interact with human beings and their environments To understand the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Culture and on Health.

Program Schedule

  • Day 01 29 June 2022
  • Day 02 30 June 2022


The Faculty Development Programme aims to enable to teachers to: -

  • Develop basic understanding of the relationship between people and artificial intelligence.
  • Inculcate interest in young minds to study machine behavior as artificial intelligence and its impact in human life and society that will help for future ventures in the domain

Resource Persons

Ms.Shweta Khurana, Director Asia-Pacific & Japan, Government Partnerships & Initiatives, Intel, Delhi
Dr. T.V. Venkateswaran, Scientist F, Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology , Delhi
Dr. Niladri Chatterjee, Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT, Delhi.
Dr.Tavpritesh Sethi, Associate Professor of Computational Biology, Founding Head at Centr of Excellence in Health CaMaj. Gen. K. Jai SinghGroup Vice Chancellor, Amity University, U.P re, IIT, Delhi.
Mr. Rajan Johri, Managing Director, LeadWynn, Chairperson, Skill development, Delhi Management Association, Delhi
Prof. (Dr.) R.P. Mitra, Department of Anthropology, Delhi University, Delhi
Dr. Shivaraman Ramaswamy, Chief Technology Officer, Big Bang Boom Solution Pvt. Ltd, Madipakkam, Chennai.
Dr. Nitin Arora, Professor, Head Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness, Amity International Business School, Amity University(AUUP)

Who can Participate

Scholars from various Universities and Research Institutes from Delhi NCR

Teachers, Scientist , Young Professionals of different Universities, Colleges, NGOs, Hospitals and Industries

Enthusiast and students from other ststes may participate . However, current workshop will not have scope for residential arrangements

Participation fee

Students and PhD Scholars – Rs 300/-

Teachers, Scientists and Professionals –Rs 300/-

Organizing Team


Prof. Balvinder Shulka, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University, U.P

Co-Chairperson >Dr. W.Selvamurthy, President, Amity, Science , Technology & Innovation Foundation Amity University, U.P

Programme Director

Prof (Dr.) Roumi Deb

Programme Co-ordinators

Dr Ragini Sahai

Dr Rupak Mukhopadhyay

Dr. N.K. Mungreiphy

Important Dates and Links

Last date of Registration - 20th June 2022

Last date of fee submission - 21st June 2022

Request for registration - rsahai@amity.edu

Meeting Venue

Amity Institute of Anthropology, Sector – 125, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh- 201303