Computer Science Engineering & its Scope


In Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology, engineers implant computers in other machines and systems, build computer enabled high speed communication networks to transfer data, and develop ways to make computer faster, smaller, and more capable. Computer engineers are improving the skill of computers to work with enunciation and gestures under Artificial Intelligence. They are making computers more mobile and even incorporating computers into fabrics, clothes, and building materials. Software development, Smart Computing, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, etc are the latest trends in computer science field. Computer Networking, WWW, e-governance, etc are the trends related to information technology field.

Computer Science and Engineering has bright scope and offers pretty much unlimited career opportunities. In present scenario, we all are encircled by automation that is because of involvement of computer in our daily life directly or indirectly. India is steadily marching towards a better future with strong performing IT sector making handsome contribution to the country’s overall economy.  A number of jobs are offered by multinational companies like Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, Infosys, IBM, etc for computer science graduates with high salary packages.  IT Job opportunities are also available in various public sector organizations like in defense, aviation, petroleum, space, railways, banking etc. These companies are offering more salary packages and better career progression opportunities.  A host of advantages associated with computer engineering is prompting more and more students to take computer science as their subject. In order to transform the entire ecosystem of public services through the use of information technology, the Government of India has launched the Digital India program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. A lot of people also work or study abroad after completing their graduate degree in India. On successful completion of graduation or post graduation aspirants can make their career as Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer (JAVA/ .NET/C#/Python/C++ etc.), Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Network Programmer, Software Tester, System Analyst, Business Analyst, System Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Support Specialist, etc.

Department of CSE & IT offers B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, B.Tech in Information Technology, B.Tech(CSE)+M.Tech, B.Tech(CSE)+MBA, M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering and PhD in CSE. The institute offers one of the most modern and industry-oriented computer science course in Jaipur. Undergraduate programs in Computer Science & Engineering are designed to make the students understand and apply the underlying principles of Computer Science to a variety of problem domains and to equip them with thorough understanding of the development process of software including design, implementation, documentation, and testing. The program also channelizes the potential of students for innovation through rigorous term papers, in-house and industrial training supplemented with project work. Moreover the program provides the students with an understanding and appreciation of the societal consequences of computers, and of the ethical issues that may arise with new technologies so as to instill qualities in students for becoming valued employees in a wide variety of occupations, in particular as computer scientists and software engineers.

Department of CSE & IT has started research & development in the field of robotics, automation & internet of things by the initiation of Robotics Automation and Internet of Things Laboratory (RAIOT Lab) to bring students' innovative ideas, projects into action and make their dreams come true. B.Tech IT program is designed to prepare students to undertake careers involving innovation and problem solving using IT. IT as a discipline focuses on satisfying computing technology needs of organizations. So, in a continuum between principles and application, IT is more towards application, with the goal being to apply knowledge of computing sciences for solving problems. This program intends to provide a modern, industry oriented education in the field of computer engineering by producing trained professionals who can successfully meet the demands of the information technology industry. After this course, the students will be able to utilize their expertise in engineering to solve industry's technological problems.

They will be innovators and professionals in technology development, technology deployment, and system implementation and function in their profession with social awareness and responsibility. These students will interact with their peers in industry and society as engineering professionals and leaders. They will be leaders in engineering, engineering management, applied research, and education. M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering at Amity University Rajasthan is a two year postgraduate program aiming at producing the much needed highly skilled manpower in the area of Computer Science. The program refreshes the underlying principles of Computer Science along with providing an insight about the new research problems in the domain. The institute also offers cutting-edge BCA and MCA courses in Jaipur.  The program develops research aptitude among students over and above the program instills qualities in students for becoming valued employees in a wide variety of occupations, in particular as IT experts. Department also offers PhD in all major areas of research which falls  under the field of CSE.