Write-up for Engineering, its scope and mission of ASET


Nowadays, engineering is not only the combination of science and mathematics to solve practical problems but it also provides a platform to make humans life comfortable. It is used everywhere in the world around us; whatever we see in our surrounding in terms of technical solutions, services, products, etc are the result of engineering. Engineering is also important for our health & safety. Engineers can mould anything with their creativity and thus help shape the future. Engineers are creative as well as collaborative problem-solvers. Engineers use their imagination to design solutions for real life world’s problems. In fact, engineering helps us to build our future by providing excellent technology and its regular advancements. Engineers construct the world around us including roads, bridges, schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, all types of transport vehicles, etc. Engineers work almost in each and every area that influence person’s life. It may be from mobile communication to digital transformation or may be in health science like any types of critical surgery equipments. Engineering also contributes in a major way in agriculture sector, helping in enhanced production for an extensive range of crops.  Engineers also handle our basic needs like supplying of water, fuel, electricity, etc. Engineers are everywhere, and now we may say without engineering living would be next to impossible.

As per the recent research and surveys, engineering profession is one of the best paid jobs for creative and innovative thinkers; there life is more comfortable and respectful in the society. Engineers have high Job satisfaction as compare to other professionals and can work with different things at a time on common platform. There are various types of career opportunities for an engineer, because all sort of technologies and their application are nowadays working in tandem. Engineers’ tasks are always challenging and qualitative too; engineer not only found solution but also convinces others that his solution is best one amongst all others. People know that engineering requires hard work, creativity and strong technical skills. As a member of this profession, engineer will always receive a high amount of respect from society. Engineers develop their ability to think logically and solve the particular problems with multiple solutions. There are numerous opportunities for an engineering aspirant to make his career in one of the stream of available may engineering discipline like Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc.

The mission of Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) is to nurture the bright minds and talents by advancing knowledge and educating students in engineering, science and other areas of technology that will best serve in benefiting both science and society.  Among the best B. Tech institutes in Jaipur, Amity School of Engineering and Technology comprises six departments namely, Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology, Department Electronics & Communication Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering. ASET offers different academic programmes of which seven are the B.Tech Programmes, three B.Tech + M.Tech Dual Degree Programmes, three B.Tech + MBA Dual Degree Programmes, four M.Tech Programmes. Ph.D. Programmes are also offered in Engineering. The institute offers career oriented B. Tech courses in Rajasthan and the academic programmes at ASET are designed to enable growth and learning in a highly focused and application-based environment. This is achieved through a combination of formal lectures and hands-on experience in well equipped laboratories and experiential learning through practical trainings. A Module of each course in the ASET is covered by an industry expert. ASET also facilitates the scholars and faculty members to make research on recent trends of engineering, project works, patent filing, etc.