10 Feb 2017|Kolkata | Amity University Kolkata

Field Visit by Amity Institute of Biotechnology, organized by Environmental Science Department, Amity University Kolkata

Date andVenue

A fieldVisit to 100 MGD Water Treatment Plant in Public Health Engineering Department,Government of West Bengal, New Town, Kolkata was organized by the Department ofEnvironmental Science, Amity school of Engineering & Technology and AppliedSciences on February 10, 2017.

Number ofParticipants

100students [B.Tech Sec A and B.Tech Sec B] accompanied by 2 faculty members.

Activitiesin the Visit

1. Apresentation  was delivered on theworking principle of the water treatment plant by one of the scientists of theplant.

2. Studentsvisited the surface water collection site, the filter house and the chemicaltreatment house where they witnessed the total procedure of treating surfacewater for supplying as potable water in New Town locality. They were guided bytwo junior scientists who explained all the steps of this treatment.

3. Studentswere allowed to collect the purified water for tasting it.

Outcome ofthe Field Trip

1. Thefield visit allowed the students to have a real-time experience. Thisexperience should clearly illustrate and enhance information taught by thecurriculum.

2. Ithelped in building up team spirit.