23 Oct 2018|Jaipur | Amity University Rajasthan , Jaipur

Amity University Rajasthan organized an Industry Visit - Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt Ltd

Students first visited a village “Maanpura” to seethe functioning of handloom and interact with weavers. Thereafter, studentswere taken to Head Office, Jaipur Rugs. There they visited “Design andDevelopment Department” of Jaipur Rugs. Ms. Jasleen and Ms Komal from Research& Communication Department, Jaipur Rugs, informed students about variousaspects and processes of rugs manufacturing. At last, an exhibition of finishedproducts (rugs, carpets) was organized for students where students wereeducated about the difference between hand woven and hand tufted rugs.


The main objective of the industry visit was toexpose students about important aspects of rugs manufacturing. During the fieldvisit students were also exposed to the rural life; and challenges and opportunitiesto work with people. After the visit, a case study on Jaipur Rugs was given tostudents to read and address the various issues JRCPL faces.